5 Google Tricks you love to try


You may Wonder What’s the use of these Google Tricks. I would like to say that it’s for fun. These Tricks you can show with your friends and show your geeky side. Here are the tricks list and here it goes:

Google Tricks Lists:

  1. Do a Barrel roll
Barrel Roll-5 Google Tricks you love to try
Barrel Roll

This is Google one of the Most Popular Trick and this can be done by asking google Do a Barrel Roll. Just Go to Google Search Box and Type Do a barrel roll and see the magic. The Google page will rotate Twice and returns in its position. Just Check this out.

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2. Askew

Askew-5 Google Tricks you love to try

This Google Trick Tilts the Google page little. Just Type Askew in the google search bar and See the Current page.Its Funny to see the Biggest Search Engine tilting a bit on your Desktop.

3. Google Gravity

Google Gravity -5 Google Tricks you love to try
Google Gravity

You can see the affect of Gravity also in Google pages. By using this Trick you can see the Words falling down.

Type in Google Gravity and click on the First link Google Gravity-Mr Doob and it will redirect to the trick page.

4. Thanos

Thanos -5 Google Tricks you love to try

This cool Google trick would certainly please all the Marvel fans out there. Search for “Thanos” on Google and jump to Marvel’s supervillain biography on the right-hand side of the page and Click the Thanos gauntlet and see the real magic.

5. Google Sky

Google sky -5 Google Tricks you love to try
Google Sky

Another cool trick on Google that enables users to fly through space using Google Sky. You can see celestial objects, including stars, constellations, galaxies, planets and the Earth’s moon via Google sky.

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