ANDROID 11 Beta Is Here


Android 11 Beta | insider geeks

  The global community of android developers had always been eager to take android on a long way with better maturity and huge dedication into improvements. After the success of android 10 they have now released android 11 Beta with the package of tons of new features and drastic changes. From notification interface to better privacy they have improved and optimized a lot with this update. It is primarily made available for google pixel 2, 2XL ,3, 3XL, 3a, 3a XL, 4 and 4XL devices along with one plus 8 and 8 Pro for some testing and feedback. Smartphone brands like Xiaomi, Nokia, Samsung and much more are making way to bring the update soon.

Features of Android Beta 11

                            Most of us were always fan of android for its easy access and incredibly helpful quick medias and page controls. But that’s not the end, there are plenty of new features wrapped within this particular update too which will be useful tool so far. Google still have a pack of surprise regarding android 11 but till now these features had made the beta update a fascinating one.

  • Quick controls – when you long press the power button on your phone it will bring up the new control screen where you get shortcuts to google pay cards and below there you get a quick control smart home devices.

Android beta 11 features

  • Messaging bubbles–  These bubbles were supposed to be on android 10 but they are out now. They are similar like the chat heads of “messenger”. After you press on notification and mark it under priority it will turn it into the form of bubbles and allow conversation even to be on do not disturb mode.

andriod 11 beta features-insider-geeks

  • Music control interface – Android 11 beta will feature a fancier music controls which will be placed in the quick setting panel at the top of screen which when interacted gives option to control where the music is playing.
Andriod 11 Beta features-insider geeks

  • Built in screen recorder – screenshots had been a part of our usage routine but there are many time where you desire to record the screen without using third party application. This new update enables that feature under quick setting panel and the great thing is you can still edit the recorded clip which will be stored in camera roll.
Android 11 Bete -insidergeeks

Wrapping Up

 Since it is an update which is now only made available for trials and development to figure out the bugs and issues it not better to run for it. Besides they make tremendous impact on performance, battery and stability taking your experience into an unexpected to way which may even result to rebooting of device due to its buggy factor. For example; google pay got fragile with this update. As this is pre or early release software it is better to wait until complete testing is done by the developers which will release soon.

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