Android 12|Designed with Refreshing UI

Android 12|Designed with Refreshing UI

Seems like Android is all set to launch Android 12|Designed with Refreshing UI, Great animations & many more.

One of the reasons why many people use Android is the customization at a very affordable price range. Androids are known for that from the very beginning. With the update in its version every year it has somewhere been bringing some new changes which make android fascinating in the perspective of features compared to Ios.

Android 12 seems to be more feature-packed than before. They have focused on building your own personal phone that adapts to you, a secure system that respects your privacy & always adorable freedom which allows the different device to pair.

Android claims for the biggest design change in the perspective of display till now with the update of android 12. They have given a Refresh UI & the biggest design change in Android’s history by changing the colors to the shapes, light, and motion. The result is that Android 12 is more expressive, dynamic, and personal than ever before as per the officials.

Android claims that the users will be able to completely personalize your phone with a custom color palette of their wish as android is giving the redesigned widgets. The wallpaper you will be choosing will automatically determine which colors are dominant, which ones are complementary and which ones just look great in the entire Experience.

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Android 12|Designed with Refreshing UI - insidergeeks

 There are some changes across the entire OS with the new notification style, the lock screen design, the volume controls, new widgets than before great fluid motion animations refreshing UI, and much more.

Seems like Android 12 is packed with tons of useful feature. The beta version is already released in pixel phones & many other compatible devices & we can expect the full release of android 12 for the public will be soon.

What are your views regarding the new features, fluid motion animations, refreshing UI & other factors wrapping up with android 12? Do comment down below.

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