Best Drones under 25k in Nepal

Best Drones under 25k in Nepal
Best Drones under 25k in Nepal

 If you are looking for best drones under 25k in Nepal to get started with then welcome to our list of the budget buying guide. Choosing a best drone can be slightly difficult especially for the beginners mostly because of the confusion due to the flooded competition of market and vivid choices of each of the price ranges.

In the mass of professional drones which has potential to lift up the shots finding a beginner’s choice is a tough job.  But relax because here we will be providing you the ultimate guide with the healthy perspectives and as far as our expectations you will end up selecting the perfect drone for you.

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  • The flight time is the first and foremost thing to note.
  • The size of battery and load caring capacity are some of the major factors.
  • High resolution camera should be preferable.
  • GPS support and few more sensors would be great.

Let yourself get aware about the law regarding drones in your country.

Here is List of Best Drones under 25k in Nepal


1. W6 VR FPV DRONE - Best Drones under 25k in Nepal

 W6 VR FPV DRONE is a complete budget package as it only costs RS. 15,500 in Nepal. It’s a complete beginner’s choice which provides you WIFI of 2.4 GHZ with the access of remote control. It is made up of the durable plastic material and is a compete quad copter setup. This drone has the tendency of 360 degree flips with the 6 channel and 6 Axis of Gyroscope. It also provides shockproof function with the bright LED lights.


2. dji tello boost combo -Best Drones under 25k in Nepal

                    With the weight of 80gm this particular drone DJI TELLO BOOST COMBO has the maximum time of flight of 13 minutes. It has various photo and video modes like auto exposure bracketing, bracketed frames and time lapse on photos section and towards video it has feature of 4k ultra HD. The drones have the support of both android and IOS and also the SD card which can be expanded up to the 128 GB.  It is considered as one the great offering if you are at beginner phase and costs about RS. 19,460 in Nepal.


3. X5Hw SYMA RC DRONE- Best Drones under 25k in Nepal

 With the price of RS. 20,425 in Nepal this Drone is packed with a durable plastic material along with the bright LED lights. The 360 degrees’ flip stunts are something people love a lot about this drone. FPV real time comes with the shockproof functionalities and also 6 Axis gyroscope built in on the device. This quadcopter setup has the Wi-Fi of 2.4 GHZ along with remote control. Besides this standard edition also comprises of HD camera, one key return, app control, headless mode, hover function, mobile phone clamp and much more. This drone is a brilliant choice if you are seeking something to begin.


4. DM DM107 DRONE - Best Drones under 25k in Nepal

              Under the brand of DMITEM the quadcopter drone DM DM107 is a complete package with about 562 grams. It has the flight time of 8-10 minutes and can travel up to 80 cm with its 2 MP camera. The built in 6 axis gyroscope sustains the stability of the flight. It also has the app control system which make drone flight accessible with the control interface from your smartphone. It has various modes like headless mode, gravity sensing, one button takes off, one button return, select light, air pressure and much more. At the price of RS. 20,600 in Nepal this drone would be a great choice to consider.

5. YLR/C S3

5. YLRC S3- Best Drones under 25k in Nepal

With a flight time of about 25 minutes this drone, YLR/C S3 is a great one under the budget segment of 25k. It costs RS. 25,000 in Nepal. The 4 channels with the 6 Axis of gyroscope lens is something really adorable about this drone. It takes a charging time of 180 to 200 minutes. The remote control distance is of 400 has an amazing photo with the pixels of 1920*1080p and videos with the resolution of 1920*1080p. The EIS video stability is great at this price segment. You can buy this drone if you have budget of 25k and are expecting for various proper sensors.


Though flying drone is said as legal as per the national aviation of Nepal but it’s better to be well known about the criteria’s, laws and orders at your place.Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has set some rules regarding the use of drones. Operators must ensure that they follow the following rules/ laws issued by the Nepal Government:

  • You must first apply for and receive permission from the Civil Aviation Authority before flying a drone.
  • You cannot fly your drone over people or crowds of people.
  • Respect others’ privacy when flying your drone, there have been reports of locals not appreciating drones flying near them.
  • You must fly during daylight hours and only fly in good weather conditions.
  • Do not fly your drone over military installations, power plants or other areas that could cause concern among the local authorities.
  • Do not fly your drone near airports or in any area where aircraft are operating.

If you are willing to begin your journey with the drones, then looking over the list above will help you a lot as we have only stated the beginner’s choice for the drones. Of course, they lack certain sensors which are said to be important but still you need to note the fact that they are created staying on the strict budget and mainly focused for the beginners who are willing to start up.

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