Computer Keyboard Tips and Tricks


As per our experience, there are a bunch of computer users who are massive keyboard shortcut fans. They try to retrieve each information to perform most of the task using some shortcut keys and as our assumption, they will never mind not getting back on touching mouse ever. If you look at me too; I love using keyboard shortcuts than the long messy commands. So, let me take you on a tour of top Computer Keyboard Tips and Tricks.

 1. Ctrl+ T (Opens a New Tab)

Computer Keyboard Tips and Tricks

Whenever you are using your computer or laptop to perform any sort of task which may be a part of your work or some entertainment opening a new tab is the most essential thing during the use of Browser. Leaving your hand from the keyboard and adding a new tab from the mouse or the cursor nearby is a sort of headache to many people. Will you believe me if I say that you can even open a new tab with the keyboard you are using? You need to believe it. Just press Ctrl and T keys of your keyboard at once and open a new tab in a fraction of seconds.

2.Windows + C (Enables Cortana)

Computer Keyboard Tips and Tricks

For those who have been using Microsoft laptop or PC with windows 10 version probably are familiar to Cortana; defining it simply it’s alike Siri or Google assistant built in your PC or laptop. Pressing windows along with C at once can open the Cortana and you can now ask anything accessible to Cortana. For the MacBook users the case is not same. You need to press “command” and then spacebar in order to open the Siri built in your respective device.

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3. Ctrl+ Q ( Closes Web Browser )

Computer Keyboard Tips and Tricks

Web browsing is a one of the must to do thing while using PC or Laptop. Do you know pressing two keys at once can close the Web Browser? This idea can be great if you want to get rid of someone who is stalking your Web Browsing. Just tap Ctrl and Q at once and you are done for the direct exit. This idea is valid for Microsoft users whereas MacBook users can use “command” instead of Ctrl.

4.Ctrl+ I (Turns text style into Italics)

Computer Keyboard Tips and Tricks

If you do a lot of work with words, then this trick is great time saving one for you. You just need to keep the pointer in the particular word you want to do Italics then press Ctrl + I at the same time and the respective word will change its regular font to italics in no time at all. This trick can work with 147 different programs. MacBook users can press “command” key instead of Ctrl key and change the regular word into Italics.

Similarly, Ctrl+ B will change the regular word into Bold and Ctrl + U will underline the regular text. The same thing goes here too for the MacBook users; all you need to do is replace Ctrl with “command” key and you are all set.

5.Windows + A (Opens Action center )

Computer Keyboard Tips and Tricks

Action center is a great place to adjust basic settings like location, Bluetooth, brightness, VPN and much more. We need to admit the fact that most us open it almost frequently to access the basic stuffs over there. Tapping Windows key along with A key at once can make your work smarter and faster. The key when pressed at once will open the Action center and you can easily access to the settings you were looking for.

6. Windows + D (Minimizes all the windows)

Computer Keyboard Tips and Tricks

If you are a computer geek who opens a huge numbers of windows at once than you can totally take this trick as a great reward. When someone starts programming, editing or something like that they unknowingly open huge numbers of windows. At the end when they get onto Desktop screen they find various windows open and start to minimize each of them. It’s like a headache and I can feel it too. But after using this secret; “Windows+ D” key all the windows which were displayed on the screen got minimized at once.

If you did it accidently and are thinking to take out all minimized programs one by one, then still we have easy trick to present you; tap Windows+ D again and everything will be like before on your screen.

7. Ctrl + A (Selects All Text)

Computer Keyboard Tips and Tricks

There are several times while typing when we realize that we have mistakenly typed more than 1000 words at the wrong place and have to erase all of them. What next are we supposed to do now? Erase each of the word taking a long time? Of course not. Its then time to work smart. Press Ctrl + A and once then tap delete key and you are done at one glance.

This particular command also allows you to do copy, paste and much more of the options you get to see by the right click. You can try this anytime even while you want to change to the entire font after the completion of your word work.

Final Thoughts About Computer Keyboard Tips and Tricks

All you need to have is curiosity and interest to know the new ways of simple use of lengthy commands. The Computer Keyboard Tips and Tricks mentioned above will enhance your speed and enthusiasm while using laptop or computer whatever you have. So be sure to try out all them and trust me it is going to be a lot of fun with a package of knowledge. Make it practical and implement in everyday life then you are never ever getting back towards mouse again.

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