Distinguish Between Fake and Real iPhone


Apple has a huge market share and is always in demand. Due to the emerging, love people have shown to apple many started bringing its clone or so-called “fake iPhones” to the market. These days even fake iPhones are made in a way that it seems like a real piece of something you are digging for.

However, it’s not even that tough to Distinguish between Fake and Real iPhone, and if you want to find out how then follow this guide till the end.

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Distinguish between Fake and Real iPhone

1.Check physical buttons

Distinguish Between Fake and Real iPhone

The first and foremost thing you feel when using an iPhone is its physical parts and believe me it’s the major factor to determine whether the iPhone you are grabbing in your hands is real or fake.

 But still, some fake iPhones have the buttons in the right positions, however, feel the buttons by running your fingers on them. At that condition press, the buttons repeatedly to check if they are not loose and are improperly fitted. Clone iPhones have poor button quality.

2.Look at the screen.

Distinguish Between Fake and Real iPhone

Do you know Apple has one of the finest screens in the smartphone market? An original iPhone comes with a very clear and pixelated screen and if the iPhone you are looking for has some dull display then you need to rethink its originality.

3.Check for the Apple logo.

Distinguish Between Fake and Real iPhone

The logo is one of the major attractions of iPhones and trusts me some clones make mistakes in them. Firstly if there is not an apple logo then it’s not an iPhone and secondly, if you feel like you are rubbing the apple logo with your finger then it the fake one. Else we can conclude it as the original iPhone.

4. Check the font.

Another mistake made by the clones or the fake iPhone manufacturers is a really funny one. When you try to check for the font on your messages, it gives you a Chinese character, so you have to configure your phone to enable English settings which clearly signifies it as a fake iPhone.

5. Dual sim card availability

Fake iPhone manufacturers claim that they provide dual sim support in your iPhone. You need to note a fact that iPhone only supports a sim card at a time and mark them as clones. The original iPhone should bear a label that says it’s designed by Apple California and assembled in China. Without this kind of mark, your iPhone is a clone.

So, these were the major guidelines that will help you to find the difference between original and fake iPhone. If you are intending to grab a second-hand iPhone then looking over these guidelines are the most.

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