DJI Officially Launched Osmo Mobile 4 | Mobile Stabilizer


DJI Osmo Mobile series had always been a perfect line up for brilliant video stabilizers. They have been gaining tons of appreciation since their first launch. DJI have been improving themselves time and again wrapping some new features with each device and now DJI officially launched Osmo Mobile 4 mainly focusing to the magnetic mount to the foldable mobile stabilizer.

The foldable design which easily creates an easy space on your backpack is something adorable about this gadget but the case to appreciate here is not that enough. The new feature of magnetic mount you get to see with this series of DJI Osmo Mobile 4 is really an appealing one. It’s simple and provides steady videos which emerges the pure creativity.

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The 15 hour of battery backup with the support of USB type c port makes it handier for the trips you are planning to take it with. It is lighter and smaller than Osmo Mobile 3 but yet we haven’t heard any complaints regarding the balance struggle with heavy phones like iPhone 11 pro max due its light body. 

They have included Dynamic Zoom which they call as dolly zoom which works by digitally zooming in on a subject while walking backward and zooming out while shooting forward with the Osmo Mobile 4. Besides, Spin Shot Gimbal Movement is also added which spins the camera in a fun barrel roll effect. Clone me panorama is also a great mix up with this particular gadget which now allows you to clone yourself as well as your friends so they could appear multiple time even in single shot.

Most of the new features till now technically seems possible to apply to previous gimbals with some updates, but right now if you are willing desperately to buy a gadget for your cinematic shots then DJI Osmo Mobile 4 will be brilliant choice. It is priced at $149 which is about 20 dollars more expensive if we compare with DJI Osmo Mobile 3.

But even after we see the increment of price yet the gadget is worth money because the new series is packed up with most of the accessory you need while using DJI Osmo Mobile 4 such as a magnetic ring holder, magnetic clamp, carrying case, and a tripod in addition to the wrist strap. If you are thinking to purchase DJI Osmo Mobile 4 you can check to DJI, Best Buy, or Moment now to grab this great offering.

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