Donald Trump Speaks: We are Banning TIKTOK

Tiktok to be banned in US

As per Donald trump statement from Friday; he is going to Ban the popular short video making application TIKTOK from United states.

He claims his authorities and states about the emergency economic power or the executive order he can easily pass in order to Ban this application. Mainly targeting the fact of national security threat, he is making policy to ban this particular Chinese application from united states.

 Wait! There is still a minute twist; Microsoft is looking over to acquire this app according to the New York Times. Though trump had already rejected the proposal Microsoft team are still working on it. So, we can’t assume the ban until the trump speaks up officially.

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As the app is downloaded 315 million times in the first 3 months of this year we can easily have an idea of its craze and popularity. Though TIKTOK is clarifying that their data centers are outside the china, but still due to its origin being china it had always been on the boundary of suspect. We can’t conclude right now exactly what is heading onto the mind of the trump but there is a huge chance for TIKTOK to get ban in united states.

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