Google Drive Will automatically Delete Trash items From 13th of October


Google is changing itself through the new updates and ideas and to be frank it’s been the main reason for why google has still been number one search engine. As Google Drive also handles trashed files and documents very well till now but as the news we are hearing Google drive Will Automatically Delete trash items from 13th of October which means that you will not have the deleted ones left anymore.

If we check out the previous status of google drive it has been taking in unlimited trash and stored it well unless the particular authorized user would have deleted it but still the Administrators for G Suite will have the power to restore items that are deleted from the trash for up to 25 days for active users, so if you accidentally lost a critical work document, there’s still a chance to save it.

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Probably Google drive is doing this to free up some space from their data centers as the increment of users are also leading them into a huge data storage and we need to take it positively mainly because they are making out the efforts for the sake our secure data preservation.

If we dive deep inside its not frustrating at all but we need to understand this strategy of google. This feature will be rolling out from the 13th of October. So, be sure to recover your trash if you have any important document, files, images or videos.

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