Google Search Tips and Tricks


There is a giant user flow towards Google search which is growing rapidly every day. A huge variety of people dive towards the google search for vivid reasons like research, entertainment, and much more. Even the reader who is reading this right now is a huge fan of the flexibility of google search but yet you don’t even know half of its potential.

If you want to use google search with more efficiency, then congratulations you are in the right place. Here we would like to recommend you Google Search Tips and Tricks which will be very beneficial for your day-to-day life.

Top Google Search Tips and Tricks :

1.Use Google Search for Mathematics

Google Search Tips and Tricks

Forgetting Calculator sometimes is not a new thing at all. In a rush you miss one of the essential stuff you need while packing up. So what next are you supposed to do now? Complete the calculations on paper throughout the day? Don’t panic google is going to help you out with this scenario.

Just give the values of the mathematical terms you are seeking for and the solution will be in your screen. Believe me google search makes mathematics handier than you think. Besides if you are having problem to count the lengthy digits then put it on google search and you will be ending up with results just in seconds. But a note a fact that google isn’t going to solve all of your mathematical problem but they assure to solve a good number of them.    

2.Tracking Location

Google Search Tips and Tricks

Have you ever thought the use location feature of your smartphone? Probably most of you have never gone deep inside it. Many of you even turn the feature off thinking it is going to drain your battery life but hello! They are just the rumors. It’s going take a very minute percentage of battery throughout the usage. Now, let’s jump of the relation of location with the google search which are amazing.

If are new to the place, then obviously you don’t know the exact location of the specific places nearby you. Here Google search is going to be your best mate. Just type the best restaurant nearby me or best gym nearby me and with the location access, Google is going to refer to varieties of respective place that are nearby you. Isn’t it great? Instead of roaming the entire day, a simple click can help you to know the best among of best. So, if have just shifted to a new place try this cool stuff out and live smart.

3. Try Using Important Words

Google Search Tips and Tricks

I have seen many people who end up with long sentences on the google search. Many even write a paragraph to approach the thing they need. It’s not what you are supposed to do. Writing long sentences is not giving google clarification of the object the user is seeking for instead it may just limit your results.

Firstly, google is going to take a lot of time than usual while fetching your search results due the confusion of the thing the user is exactly looking for. Instead of using “Where can I find the best beauty parlors near me which does a good makeup and hair cut?” try using “Beauty parlors nearby” which will give you quick results than your previous search.

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4. Use Shortcuts

Google Search Tips and Tricks

If you are a frequent user to the keyboard, then you will know very well how simple does the works get when they are used with accurate shortcuts. They are just some numbers of command which makes a huge impact toward your regular usage. This is going to save a lot of your time mostly because you don’t have to click a tons of tons of link.

Have you tried using weather*zip code* of your region? It un-believable; just typing the syntax will show the Weather of the area which zip code has been provided. Instead of that you can also try using towns or city names if you have multiple zip codes across the city. Besides, type Define “word” and google will display the accurate definition of the particular word. If you are in Nepal and want to know time of New Zealand, you don’t have to call your friend for this. Just Open the Google search and input Time*place* and you are all done. The result will be in your screen in just seconds.

5. Money and Units Conversions

Google Search Tips and Tricks

You don’t even have idea yet how accurate, precise and quick is the google search considered. From going to simple conversions to a vast mathematical complex problem regarding this perspective google can help you in just seconds. This quick access is mostly used by math students and international business people but the practice is getting familiar also to regular people these days.

If you want to convert thousands of miles to kilometers than you just have to put the numbers over there like “128584 miles to kilometers” and within some seconds google will show the exact result at your screen. Same goes with money conversion just type “5795 USD to British Pound Sterling” and as alike before you will get the result just in a gap of some seconds.

6. Make Private Searches

Google Search Tips and Tricks

The history while surfing google is always seen clearly. Sometimes don’t you think google should also bring up the features like incognito which are accessible in Youtube. As per our perspective too google had always been left behind towards privacy issues mostly because of its tracking concerns. Mainly because of this factor Google these days has been a perfect example of bad choice for privacy enthusiastic. What about switching to an alternate search engine?

StartPage” provides you the entire Google experience and do not track you all around like google with the IP address, location or information. You can even try this site once where they openly claim themselves to be world’s most private search engine and trust me it’s the major fact a vivid crowd is jumping into this site rather than Google itself.

7. Watch Movies for Free

Google Search Tips and Tricks

There are various movies which gets in our wish list but we can’t make a way into it mainly because of busy schedule or lets gets practical; watching one after another movie is not a pocket-friendly choice either. Not only new movies but if we consider to watch old movies too during a quality family time we can’t easily find them on Youtube these days. So what’s the option now?

Getting curios? Okay let us take off your curiosity with the solution. Just write the name of the movie ending it with google drive. Didn’t get well? Wait I am clarifying you. Follow this syntax “Avengers Endgame movie Google drive” which means write name of movie and google drive along with it and you will get results in a fraction of second. There is a high chance that someone would upload the movie on the Google drive and if it available you can watch the movie for free of cost.

Wrapping up

Google search is a powerful tool when used properly. Using tips and tricks mentioned above can provide you much better experience while surfing into it. Google always has an easy way and its upon your approaching tendency and curosity to reach up to there.

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