GPS tracker for bikes and cars: How Itahari-based IoT Startup Trackon is Securing Vehicles Differently


Are you worried about the safety of your vehicle? If so, you are reading the right article because in this article you will learn how to secure your vehicle using a GPS tracker.

We all know that vehicles, whether they are bikes or cars, are very expensive assets. The average price of a motorcycle in our country is three and a half lakhs, which is not a small amount that can be paid by one person at a time. If someone is buying a motorcycle by spending so much money at once, that person is thinking of using that motorcycle for a long time, but what if someone steals the next day after you buy a brand new and costly motorcycle? In general, just imagining a motorbike or car theft can create fear in the mind of any vehicle owner. So, by securing your bike and car using Trackon GPS Tracker you can protect your vehicle from such vehicle thieves. With Trackon you can save your vehicle from all this by making your motorbike secure through its GPS tracker for bikes and cars.

GPS tracker for bikes and cars: How Itahari-based IoT Startup Trackon is Securing Vehicles Differently

Trackon, as the name indicates it tracks everything that you want to track such as vehicles, assets, elderly people, children, pets, etc. Basically, it is a Global Positioning System (GPS) tracker that provides information about exactly where your asset is located. It is very portable and comes in a couple of inches of the size that you can easily put on or hide in your vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, scooters, trucks, buses, etc. Once you install this device on your vehicles, the major work of Trackon is to show the location. It can work in real-time as it updates the location every 20 seconds, which lets you know the situation of your vehicles, where it is, moving or not moving, speed, etc. Apart from it, you can see the routes and distance covered by your vehicles just using a very simple yet advanced Trackon Application that is available both in Android and IOS. This app is packed with information and it is very powerful that will help you to monitor and control your vehicles from anywhere. 

If we look at the Government data, at least 5 to 6 motorcycles are stolen daily in Kathmandu valley only. There is no such relevant data available from outside of the valley but we have seen that the numbers of motorcycles being stolen are increasing in order. The recovery rate is only 18%, which means out of 100 motorcycles stolen, only 18 are found or recovered by Police. If we look at the Kathmandu valley data, in the fiscal year 2016-17, 1,030 cases were filed of vehicle theft, in 2017-18, 1,385 and in 2018-19, 1,611 incidents were recorded, which means the number of vehicle thefts incidents is growing as numbers of vehicles are increasing. Buying a motorcycle or a car in Nepal is very expensive because of heavy taxes on vehicles. So, if we lose our vehicles it is a huge loss for us; therefore, nowadays, due to the advancement in technologies GPS trackers are being used in vehicles mainly to stop them from being stolen. With our years of experience working in a similar field, we have come to notice that our market needs a brand, a product, a device, a GPS tracker which should work under the supervision of expert researchers and technicians, and Trackon is the product of these all. 

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It has been rigorously tested in different networks and in different conditions in order to make it compatible with our geographical environment. We have immensely poured our attention into developing applications to make them faster, more feasible, and convenient for users. Apart from technology, we have also figured out the necessity of after-sales services. So, once the installation has been finished, their team will be in frequent touch to assist our valuable customers to overcome any problems if they arise with your device or app.  

Transport industry: – We can’t imagine nowadays a transportation business operating without having a tracking facility installed on their vehicles. A GPS tracking facility keeps drivers under check, monitors speed, distance covered, routes being used, and also ensures the safety of the vehicles. 

Advantages: – The main advantage of having a GPS tracker in your vehicle is to keep your vehicle under your control no matter where you are. For instance, you can ensure from a café or office that your vehicle is safe at parking. If someone is using your vehicle, then you can easily track the location, distance, routes covered by your vehicle, and this facility is a must in transportation and logistic industries. Similarly, it keeps your vehicle safe which minimizes the expensive insurance of your vehicles. 

How did this idea come to life?

After the first lockdown, various incidents of vehicle theft began to go public in the areas around us. Even in various newspapers and online news portals, they had to read the news of missing and stolen vehicles on a daily basis. Although it was reported that a gang of thieves was caught in some places, it was very difficult to find the stolen vehicles safely. Even local garage mechanics became involved in the vehicle theft gang, so there was less chance of vehicles being found in a single piece. As they were outraged by such news, there was also a mixed feeling about what if their motorcycle gets stolen that easily. In this process, they began to search for various tracking devices online. They also bought a GPS tracker from an online platform called Daraz and operated the device, but due to the lagginess of a Chinese server as well as not so responsive mobile app, they had to face the problem of GPS not being accurate and real-time data being slow. There were some Nepali GPS providers as well but their fees were very expensive. Therefore, because of such difficulties and not finding the proper tracking solution they wanted, the idea of Trackon GPS came to life.

How are they different from other GPS providers?

They have worked very hard to come up with this product, as their research and development team has worked a tremendous amount of time to develop Trackon. Firstly, their product. It is very feasible and compatible, which means we have tested rigorously in different sorts of environments and networks to make it work smoothly. Secondly, their Application, which is available both on Android and IOS platforms. It is easier to install and use it. Trackon app is very understandable and performs smoothly on any sort of mobile device. Thirdly, reliability and approachability. They ensure that their product is very reliable and they provide an excellent after-sales service. If any problems arise, their technical team will handle them as soon as possible with high responsibility. Similarly, they have various plans available for their customers, pay as you go on a subscription basis that indicates they are very serious and accountable for your service. Fourthly, their customer service. They have a team that will be there 24/7 to handle your queries and problems. 

Their Mission:

Their goal is to achieve a leading position in the areas of effective GPS tracking and navigation, vehicle security systems, and personal safety in Nepal.

Advantages of Trackon tracking devices

Here are the 5 benefits of this GPS tracker:

GPS tracker for bikes and cars: How Itahari-based IoT Startup Trackon is Securing Vehicles Differently

1. Anti-theft alert:

This feature tracking is one of the most important features of a GPS tracker as it prevents such suspicious activity from happening if your vehicle is intended to be stolen or intentionally damaged. Now you wonder how a small GPS device can alert you to any suspicious activity.

Suppose you usually go to the office on a motorcycle, but when you put your motorcycle in the office parking area, a suspicious person keeps an eye on your bike for a few days, and you don’t know that. Now, one day the suspect decides to steal your motorcycle, and he tries to steal it.

If you have a tracking device installed on your bike, you will get an anti-theft alarm on your mobile and you can also track it if the bike has already been stolen.

2. Safe-Zone:

Looking at the subheading above you may be wondering how such a small GPS device can create safe areas for the user but in fact, this can be done by using the Trackon GPS tracking app. After installing Trackon GPS tracker, you can mark any special geo-fence, a safe zone through the mobile app so that whenever your motorcycle enters or exits that area you will get a quick notification on your smartphone with time stamps. Also, you can create unlimited safe zones according to your needs.

3. Real-Time Tracking:

We have already discussed in the first point that when someone tries to steal your vehicle, you will get instant information with the help of this tracker.

For catching that thief who has stolen your bike, here comes Trackon Real-Time tracking as a very useful feature because it gives you the pinpoint location of that thief who is riding your bike.

4. Over-speed Alert:

This feature can be very rewarding when you give your bike to a friend or someone else. With the Tracker GPS Tracking App, you can set the speed limit as per your wish. When that person exceeds the speed limit, you will receive instant notification on your mobile app.

5. Compact and Lightweight:

This GPS tracker is the size of a pen drive and weighs only 26 grams so, you can hide it anywhere in your motorcycle or car.

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