How to Connect Phone to Smart TV?

How to Connect Phone to Smart TV?

Smart TVs these days have been a part of everyone’s home appliances. They play a vital role during celebrations. The gigantic screen adds some more fun to the moments. Isn’t it great to watch the same vision you are watching on the mobile on Smart Tv? so, How to Connect the Phone to Smart TV?

Here we are guiding you with efficient ideas to watch the videos of your smartphone on the screen of the TV.

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1. With a USB data cable

How to Connect Phone to Smart TV?

These days almost every smartphone, tablet, and Ipads can be connected to a Tv HDMI cable using the long type c cable. Through USB-C cable you can protect your phone’s display on your TV., no matter if you want to show photographs, videos, or even the website through your mobile on the Giant television you have in your reach. Connect phone to smart Tv easily.

2. Google Chrome cast ultra

How to Connect Phone to Smart TV?

Don’t have the USB C cable in your access, so how to Connect the Phone to Smart TV? No worries we have something more for you. Through the communication between tv and smartphone, you can easily connect it. Google’s Chromecast Ultra lets you play video in breathtaking 4k resolution. It plugs into a TV’s HDMI port and connects via your existing Wi-Fi, so you can stream movies, music, and games from your smartphone, tablet, and any other connected device of your wish. Chromecast works with the latest android as well as Ios smartphones.

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3. Android Screen Mirroring

How to Connect Phone to Smart TV?

Once the device you wish for is added to your Google Home, just open the app and see the top left corner, there you will find the icon of the plus (+) icon. Tap over there and add the device and start screen mirroring. But don’t forget, You will still need a Chromecast or compatible smart TV in order to use this feature as screen mirroring doesn’t contain official support of casting.

We hope you will have a great watching. You can feel free to contact us if you are unable to connect to your TV through your smartphone as per the ideas we gave you.

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