How to Lock your Facebook profile?

How to lock your facebook profile?

Facebook has rolled out a new feature called ‘Facebook profile Lock‘ in which they allow users to lock their profile. This feature intends to protect people’s people’s privacy from complete strangers on social media sites.

Even previously when the profile guard was locked then due to the Profile Picture guard, strangers were not able to zoom into your picture or share or download the profile picture. But with the new Facebook Profile Lock strangers will now also not be able to see photos and posts on the timeline of a user. This would apply for all photos and posts no matter how long back a person had uploaded them and works for everyone who enables profile lock.

Although, People don’t have an idea about Lock their Facebook profile.So Here a quick steps on How to Lock your Facebook profile?

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How to lock your facebook profile?

1. Open Facebook in Mobile view

2. Go to setting and then language.

3. Choose the Burmese language as shown in the picture below.

How to Lock your Facebook profile?

4. Open your profile and tap the icon on the right corner.

How to Lock your Facebook profile?

5. You will get to see a new option on the right corner of your profile.

6. Tap there and give your confirmation.

7. After Profile has been Locked Go back to Language and Change the language to your desired Language.

After you lock your profile, you can no longer make public posts as before. If you still want to keep their posts public then you will have to disable the profile lock feature. So there is a slight compromise but it depends upon you what you want to go with.

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