How to make text follow the desired path in Photoshop?


Isn’t it wonderful, being able to write or add text on the desired path than only in linear fashion? It’s obviously much amazing. Are you bored using linear texts in designing disciplines? So, get rid of that boredom and start designing much more amazing designs that you have ever imagined

We know , text plays really great role in Infographics designing and other sorts of designing disciplines like poster design, invitation cards, banners, etc. as well. Text is, indeed, one of the components of multimedia technology. Although graphics and images are used to convey the solo message of the vast topic or particular subject, but text still has the power to decorate the graphics or images.

In Photoshop, we are given a facility to wrap the text. Now, what does wrapping a text mean? It simply refers being able to add some of natural effect like bulge, inflate, etc. Isn’t it amazing?-It is. But what lacks here is, we still have to work on the linear fashion.


So, to getting into our comfort zone, we can easily write on any path we want, either it’s a curve, circle, rectangle, polygons, and all other geometric shapes. To do so, we use pen tool for desired path and shape tool for desired shape.

Step 1: Create a new document.


Step 2: Use Pen tool, and create a path.


Step 3: Use Text tool and hover your mouse to the path. You will see a symbol to insert text as usual but this time with a curve on this subscript.


 Step 4: Left Click on your mouse and start typing. You will be able to write on the path you created.


Step 5: Now, remove the path and you have your text in desired path. To write a shapes, use shape tool, to create a shape and so follow step 3.


In this Way, We can make any text to follow the desired path in Photoshop. There’s more Tutorial coming related to Photoshop Design

Here’s the Video Tutorial :

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