How to make the android phone run faster?

Tips to make android phone run faster

After some year of using; your android device starts to lag and it’s really frustrating to spend money just after using for a year or something like that. If we check into the Mid-ranger smartphone segment which is totally strict budget-oriented, then we can find the high issue of slowing down gradually.

So, what can you do to catch up with the high-end performance and smooth user experience with proper speed? Do you know there are various ways to speed up that Android performance that can make your device faster and if you want your smartphone to be faster than now then follow the instructions we have mentioned below:

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Tips to make the android phone run faster

1.Update your smartphone

New updates bring up a new life on your smartphone. The latest software also comes up with bug fixers that assure the general improvements which can make android run faster. Software updates also tend to come to OTA (Over The Air) and you should be automatically prompted to install them, and for that, it’s better to check your setting time and again.

How to make the android phone run faster?

2.  Uninstall and disable unused apps

How to make the android phone run faster?

I bet, you have numerous tiny apps lagging here and there on your device. Do you even know how much storage do they hold? It beneath your assumptions. If you want your device to be faster than now, you should definitely try out deleting those which are acting as trash in your smartphone.

3.  Clear cached app data

How to make the android phone run faster?

Just once open your setting and check out the storage side, there is the option of cache memory. Clear it once and unknowingly you will have almost a GB of storage left which allows you android for a very smooth performance.

4.Turn off Auto-sync

How to make the android phone run faster?

We keep on adding an account to another on your android device. The android automatically looks over it and sync the device time and again. This action allows your smartphone to gather a lot of unnecessary data in the storage box through the various account you have logged in to your device.

Turning off Auto-sync will disable your smartphone from storing plenty of data which as a result smooths your user experience.

5.Try out some light launchers

After a certain period of time, your default launcher starts to face some sort of lag. At this moment you should give a try to some of the light launchers which are available in the play store. Doing this not only makes your smartphone faster but also gives you a very refreshing feeling while using your old android smartphone.

How to make the android phone run faster?

Try out these tips and tricks we have mentioned above you you want your smartphone to get faster and smoother than now. Besides these, if you have tried other hacks that worked freaking well with your android then do share it in the comment section.

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