How to open a bank account using the Nagarik app?


On the occasion of National ICT day on 2nd May 2021, the government has officially launched Nagarik app. We previously also got to see the app but it was only the beta version and as per the government the latest release comes with all of the updates they have thought along with fixing some bugs which users were reporting previously on the beta version.

Nagarik app aims to ease the life of people by providing vivid information at the fingertips. There were times when we used to stand in a long queue just to open a bank account but in the era of technology finally, our government has come up with the idea of opening bank accounts in just some taps.

Let us guide you to the procedure of opening a bank account using the Nagarik app and trust us this is much easier than ever before.

Open the official site of either Siddhartha bank or Nepal bank limited. To take an example here we opened the official website of Siddhartha bank limited. You can visit it through the link below.


We hope you have now opened the website of the bank following the link. Now on the home page, you can find the option of online application. Just tap there and at the first one, you will have the option of Account opening(Nagarik app).

Clicking on it takes you to another interface where you will have a choice to open two types of account one is Siddhartha Platinum Bachat – SVPS and another is SIDDHARTHA GEN-Z SAVING ACCOUNT – SVZA. Here I have chosen Siddhartha Platinum Bachat – SVPS.

Clicking on applying will open the QR code of the Nagarik app and all you have to do now is to scan the QR code with your mobile phone and then give access to the Nagarik app. Now all the information which are on the Nagarik app will automatically come on the bank form and all you need to do is Tap proceed. Bank will ask for some more details and you need to give it too and then congratulations you created your bank account.

Until now, through the Nagarik app, we can only open accounts onĀ  Nepal bank limited and Siddhartha bank but very soon we expect the government to collaborate with many banks. In these two banks, you can easily open the bank account as mentioned above and can also update the KYC through the nagarik app.

So, how many of you opened your bank account through the Nagarik app. Let us know your experience in the comment below.

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