How to Recover Mero share Password?

How to recover Mero share Password?

The number of people rushing for the IPO (Initial public offering) has been increasing day by day. With the increment of the user, there has also been an increment in the population of the ones who have a habit of forgetting the password. Do you also belong to the same crowd?

Then follow our instructions till the end. In this blog, we will be guiding you stepwise on How to recover Mero share Password?

How to recover Mero share Password?

1) For the Global IME users

How to recover Mero share Password?

No worries, if you forget the password. It’s really super simple to recover it. Simply mail to [email protected] requesting to recover the password. You have to put the mail address which is registered with Mero share along with the BOID in the mail.

2) For NIBL Capital users

Recovering from NIBL capital can be slightly difficult in comparison to the Global IME users as NIBL capital asks for more details. You should write a letter to any branch of the NIBL capital requesting to reset your online password. They will ask for some details then like the BOID number, Name of the Client, registered Email Address, a copy of citizenship or identity card, and Signature of the client to put in the form.

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3) For NICASIA users

It’s really super easy to recover the password from the NIC Asia. Just open the mail & send the request to the bank at this mailing address: [email protected]  with your details like username and Demat number.

After you submit all the details they will provide you the new password in no time at all.

4) For NABIL Invest users

How to recover Mero share Password?

If you are NABIL Invest user & want to recover the Mero share password, then do simply fill-up the Mero share password recovery form of Nabil Invest with the accurate account holder’s name and BOID number.

5) For NMB capital users

How to recover Mero share Password?

If you have swiped your screen to this end then you must be an NMB capital user. To reset the Mero share password in NMB capital write a letter to them with the correct name, address & BOID number and you are all done.

You can directly consult your respective bank if you have trouble recovering in this way. We hope you recover your Mero share password and wish you all the best to get the IPO’s you wish for.

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