India Banned 118 More Mobile Apps along with PUBG

India banned 118 more mobile apps along with PUBG

The war between India and China has really got on a very serious state. These days it seems like it’s been like a tradition for Indian government to ban Chinese application over and again. This time India banned 118 more mobile apps along with PUBG and the information is provided through the Ministry of Information and Technology.

The ministry has said that the banned application was prejudicial to the sovereignty, integrity and defense of India. They were arising as a major threat toward Indian data and resources indirectly to hamper the public. The ministry of electronics and information technology had also claimed of receiving various complaints about surreptitiously transmitting user data through unauthorized way beyond the territory of India.

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The banned apps include Baidu, Baidu Express Edition, TencentWatchlist, FaceU, WeChat Reading and TencentWeiyun, PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile Lite and many more according to the statement given.  If we look over the data and reports, there are about 33 million active PUBG players in India and due to this craze it was successful to be one of the most popular apps downloaded in the country. PUBG reportedly shows 13 million active Indian users per day.

Earlier the department banned 59 Chinese app and also passed a strict rule and order threatening to sue the apps if seen in India through VPN or any other means. Its seems like the war of India and china had got into a next level. If exactly it is so then very sooner a new list of banned apps can be made as per our perspectives understanding the entire scenario.

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