iOS 14 update brings Smarter Siri with Enhanced Privacy and many more


iOS 14 had finally come up with the refresh feel to awaken your old iPhone experience, adding up some major updates with the Siri and the most secured privacy ever. iOS 14 is available from 16th of September as a free software update from Apple.

These updates somewhere will create an appealing feel for the android users. So, take your seat and check out what new had Apple to offer for their fans through the iOS 14 update.

1. New App Library

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There is App Library at the end of home screen pages which can be said as a new space that works well as an automatic organizer. The new app library enables all of a user’s apps into one simple, easy-to-navigate view with intelligently surfacing the apps which are important at this scenario. Not only this user is also allowed to hide Home Screen pages for quicker access to the App Library.

2. Flexible widgets

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Of course, widgets ideas are inspired from android even I will agree this fact. But with iOS 14 you are introduced to flexible widgets which will allow you have a mixture of widgets in one widget which is easily customizable.

Besides, you can also hide the entire home screen which seems to a great freedom mostly for the ones who keeps out trash apps in a folder on the last home screen.

3.Enhanced privacy

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Apple had continued to advertised themselves with the same hype of the privacy as before. But as per their promise they have even updated some breath taking new features to iOS 14 like better location controls and limiting which photos an app has access to.

 Besides these you will have entire privacy on the tracking control system too which will require an application to be more transparent about the data it collects on you with all of your permission approval.

4.Smarter Siri

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The personal assistant of Apple; Siri which was launched in 2011 and is considered to be one of the smartest virtual assistant right now. As per the Apple Claim regarding the Siri; with the iOS 14 update it has over 20x more facts than just three years ago which clearly shows out how versatile can Siri be after this update.

But still there will be times when Siri will be responding to your annoying question with “Here’s what I found on the Web,”.

Other Unique Features

There are some accessibility settings which will allows to perform certain tasks. For example, you can now take the screenshot or call Siri just by double tapping or triple tapping on the back of the phone. Besides there is also emoji customization feature. There is descent addition of gyroscopic guide to add a spice in your night shots.

Seriously these features somewhere destroy android creating an attractive chase of android users towards iOS. Updates will be given to all the iPhones from 6s onwards Including iPhone SE of both generation and 7th generation of iPod touch.

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