Is a PI Network a Scam?


Is a Pi Network a Scam?

Are you spending a lot of hours getting engaged in PI network? Have you ever thought of the app being a scam ? check out below to clarify you confusion if the PI app a scam or a worthy deal.

 These days many people after surfing internet for long duration get to know about new technology, ideas and cryptocurrency. You may also have received links to join these sites via messaging.

In the era of time when internet has been a master place for robbery through intelligent scams, should we be putting out our details into such sites? PI networking; a mobile mining application is in emerging form these days and also familiar to most of you. You are receiving links and descriptions with the invitation code to join the network. In the chase of earning currency, you get register with the network as quick as you can but is the PI network safe enough to dive in or is it a new idea of scam to drag your personal information?

 Well PI is 3.14159265359 and is a mathematical constant. But its not the one we are dealing here with. We are looking for a network which is spreading widely than expected. Let us first look about a bit of background of this network. Basically understanding in simple way, PI network is a mobile mining application which claims itself to be a social cryptocurrency. It is a long term project which was started in 14th march 2019 by three individuals of Stanford university.


You can register with this network through downloading the application in your IOS or android device by your phone number or Facebook account and use the invitation code which you got to get in. It is said that you will be getting reward (pi coin) at the end of the day through this application.

                          You will be collecting PI tokens which is worth of zero dollars till the date which is alike as the value of a bitcoin in 2008. But can you recall its value once in today’s market. It is approximately 9,175.04 US dollars. So, from here we can get some expected vision for the PI coin to wrap up some values near future. This vivid block chain is marketed as a free and battery friendly mobile mining app but yet don’t you think 3.5 million people making free loads of money is a sort of un-believable joke in today’s world.  But still they claim themselves having a high class security to safeguard your data which is admirable. And it’s not even a big thing to give about a minute to an application in 24 hours which can have slight impact in future.

               Concluding the words, no one knows where actually is PI app exactly leading. The secured networking and a trust worthy team are working hard to make this mobile mining application possible. Till the date nothing had been felt to be spammed or the craving of the ideology of scam but towards the dark wall of this network, you should yourself try to be aware of scammers in the group who intend to brain wash you regarding the exchanges deals of PI coins. No exchanges had been held yet since the app itself is in beta mode.

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