Is A VPN Worth It?


After the criminal codes act 2018 many privacy law was made which resulted into banning about 25,000 websites in Nepal in order to control the kind of consumable contents. Netflix, Wow TV, Amazon prime video, Hulu, Sling TV, various torrent sites and even google which are frequently used had also got many censorship filters and Geo-Blocks restrictions in Nepal.

After that onward Virtual private network (VPN) got an unexpected rise towards various concerns of internet. So if you are in Nepal or intending to explore Nepal, for the smooth use of your favorite streaming services using VPN ensures you to give a very good experience as much as possible. You can easily access to the banned sites which will then give you better comfort during regular internet surfing.  Approaching unfiltered content is not a big deal now, just switch to a VPN and you are at limitless barrier.

Beyond of freedom it also secures excellent data encryption and security keeping you anonymous so your data can’t get in the eyes of hackers. Also there is nothing called illegal for it but make sure to choose an VPN that can bypass the hardest censorship criteria, optimized servers and with the clear privacy policy.

What is VPN?


  VPN stands as virtual private network and is said to be a secured connection to another network over the internet. It can be used to approach towards the restricted websites protecting your browsing activities from spying eyes during the use of public Wi-Fi.

They were originally created just with the purpose of connecting business network together in a secure way over the internet. But now it comprises of 26% of the internet. Defining in other words, we can say that VPN is a service which connects your computer, laptop, tablets, smartphones to the next computer which is known as server through an encrypted tunnel to safe guard your privacy and protect the data.

Generally, they hide IP address during your usage of public Wi-Fi hotspots and make your browsing private and untraceable simply by lending you temporary IP address and hiding your true IP address from all the sites you get connected to so that hackers can’t break out into network because of your IP address.

Working Mechanism

  VPN works through routing the internet connection of your device by your chosen private server in order to take off data from VPN rather than your device while the data is transmitted onto the internet. It simply acts as an inter mediator when you connect to the internet by hiding the IP address.

Through encryption in which the information is hidden and through decryption through which encrypted data is decoded and made readable again. When you connect to a VPN through its secure tunnel the data gets encoded or encrypted and transferred into an unreadable code to pass over the devices. After this on wards your device now is seen under local network as the VPN wanted. This is why your IP is now changed by VPN service provider. That’s it you are all done, you can now browse out the internet safely without any privacy issues.


   VPN is categorized in 2 types :

  1. Remote access VPN– This type of VPN allows user to connect and access to the private network and its services remotely which means the connection between user and network has a secured and private connection. It is mostly useful towards the business purposes. An employee can use this sort of VPN during travel to connect over the company network. It’s even mostly used for bypass regional restrictions by the home users.
  2. Site to Site VPN – Often known as router to router VPN it is mostly used by the corporate companies in order to connect network from a location to the next which are on different geographical regions. This type of networking comes under the intranet based VPN. But if an office tries to connect to another company then it will fall under the Extranet based VPN. It generally acts as a bridge for the networks. It works as router to router connection where one router acts as a server where as next one acts as a client by the valid authentication.



VPN scrambles data and protects you from the web traffic and the threats of internet. It allows you to stream in your favorite medias like Netflix and Hulu without any lags. Besides there are various ways how the VPN can help you. Some of them are;

  • Protect your login during the usage of torrent.
  • Safeguards identity while snooping untrusted hotspots.
  • Prevents your data from stealing and monetizing.
  • Switching on into it can help to spoof your location.
  • They can stop your data breaching.
  • It can help to access unavailable services while travelling foreign.
  • It provides you privacy you wanted.
  • Helps in escaping data and bandwidth throttling.
  • Offers cheaper leased-line alternatives.
  • Reduces long distance telephone charges.
  • Gives better network scalability.
  • Buying cheap flight tickets.
  • Reduces costs of maintaining servers.


Due to increasing demand there is a huge market of about 300 VPN. Tons of confusion may arise to choose the perfect VPN in that huge mass. But still you can figure one the perfect match for you. In order to know out what are you exactly looking for take a deep breath and figure out what do you need in VPN exactly. For example, if you are looking over a VPN to stream movies online then you should jump towards high speed and unlimited bandwidth VPN plans. Even you can sit on a table and make out the list of features that you are seeking for. Also make sure to check out the compatible devices with your preferred VPN. It’s even great for you if you are looking forward into user friendly Interface because if you are not a tech savvy then some UI can bother you.

Ensuring your Important location to be covered and having a very comfortable payment plan will lead your satisfaction towards the VPN service. Despite of all this looking over money back guarantee and reliability should also be on the priority. If your VPN promises for all this factors, then of course you should look over it.


Nepal is not considered to be one of the developed country in the sector of internet. Its lacking basic walls and boundaries towards privacy and security. Of course there are still various reasons for not switching towards the VPN gaining enhanced freedom you always had desired of then spending some money is really not a big deal. The easy approach to all the applications and torrent with an excellent customer service with give you amazing experience worth each money you spend. So according to my point of view it is really worth to switch onto your preferred VPN service in order to get a very smooth user experience.

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