Is GIMP the Best alternative to Photoshop? (Photoshop Vs GIMP)


Let’s begin with a question – “Is GIMP the best alternative to Photoshop?” Probably you will get its answer after you get to know both of these two tools, Photoshop and GIMP.

GIMP is an abbreviation of GNU Image Manipulation Program, which is as open-source raster graphics editing tool, used for image editing and retouching. Similarly, Photoshop is also a raster-based image editing and retouching tool used by most of the photographers, graphic artists, designers and professionals.

Photoshop has always been the first choice for photographic editing tool. But, indeed, GIMP can be one of the best alternatives for over hyped Photoshop. Here, we present you the comparison between Photoshop and GIMP, so what could be the major differences?  


Photoshop is an Adobe product and like all other Adobe products, you must this software to enjoy its features. But GIMP was developed by group of students as their project, which turned out to be very neat and later on released publicly at free of cost. Yes – you heard it right. Winner: GIMP

2. System Requirement

GIMP occupies about 25MB, but Photoshop accommodate up to 2GB, depending upon its version. Similarly, GIMP requires really less amount of RAM and no graphics at all whereas Photoshop requires large RAM and graphics as well for its smooth and fast functioning. Winner: GIMP

3. Availability

Photoshop and GIMP, both of these tools, can be operated in Windows or Mac. But when it comes to Linux users, Photoshop isn’t available for them but GIMP is. Similarly, when it comes to android and ios, Photoshop takes a lead.

Winner: It’s a draw

4. Tools

Photoshop as well as GIMP, both have wide range of tools made available for its users for various purposes. There are selection tools, brush tools, transform tools, colour tools, crop tools, navigations and many others. But talking about the functions, Photoshop wins. The tools in Photoshop are more advanced and are more precise and accurate. Winner: Photoshop

5. Plugins

Plugins are those set of programs or software add-ons that are installed on a program to enhance its capabilities. Both Photoshop and GIMP have plugins of their own. Though most of the Photoshop plugins are free but some plugins aren’t. Winner: GIMP.

6. Customizability

GIMP is an open source software, and thus has customizable features for its user, which Photoshop doesn’t. GIMP can be re-created and redesigned i.e. more tools can also be added to it and functionality of existing tools can also be extended by the users, themselves.Winner: GIMP

7. User Interface

Between the interfaces of Photoshop and GIMP, Photoshop is prioritized. All the icons, menus, tools, etc. are so well organized that you can find it very quickly. Along with this photoshop is very easy to use than that of GIMP. Winner: Photoshop.


Photoshop and GIMP are often used for photo editing and retouching. Besides this, Photoshop can be used for photo manipulations, template designs, web designs etc. but GIMP lacks here. Winner: Photoshop

9. Adjustments

Photoshop and GIMP both are layer based editing software. Though both of them are layer based, GIMP lacks non-destructive adjustments. And Photoshop with non-destructive adjustments stands victorious. Winner: Photoshop

10. Priority

Most of the designing industries or independent designers give priority to Photoshop rather than GIMP. Due to various reasons, GIMP is always underrated.Winner: Photoshop.

From the above comparison, it is clear enough. In the battle of Photoshop and GIMP, Photoshop stands victorious.  Though GIMP lost the battle, GIMP has been the toughest competitor for Photoshop. So what would you prefer – Photoshop or GIMP? – It’s completely up to you.

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