NCELL Brings Student Plan


After Nepal telecom brought E-shikshya package how can NCELL be behind for great offers. Even NCELL being a leading telecommunication service brought student plan which encourages student to buy the packs which are totally reasonable with the price.

 In order to satisfy the thirst of online classes provided by the respective institutes, you need a proper internet connection. But there still exist numerous students who do not have easy access to WIFI and the mobile data is the only option. So, in order to attract students and justice their quench for education NCELL brought student plan which is targeted to the huge mass of student with the promise of lag free smooth learning.

 There are 3 plans for this offering as per NCELL.

  1. The 1st plan comes with the price tag of RS.319.23 including of all tax where you will be getting voice package of 50 minutes which is valid for the same networks along with 50 SMS pack which is also valid from one NCELL network to another. If you are fine with any sort of data speed, then you have an advantage you will be getting 3G/ 4G data package worth 1 GB and 4G data pack with the volume of 2 GB.
  2. The 2nd plan comes with the price of RS. 446.92 including all the tax. You will be getting 150 minutes of voice pack along with 50 SMS which is valid from one NCELL network to another. There is a slight advantage at this package too. You will also be getting 25 minutes of voice pack along with 10 SMS which works with all the networks. Towards the data section, here you will have 3G/4G data package of 2 GB and 4G data of 4 GB.
  3. The 3rd plan of the NCELL regarding this offering comes at a cost of RS. 702.30 including taxes. Here you have brilliant choices towards all the aspects. You will be getting voice pack of 250 minutes along with the 100 SMS packs which are valid for the same networks. But you will also get 50 minutes of voice pack with 50 SMS which connects for all the networks. The 3G/4G data will be 4GB and the 4G data have the volume of 8 GB.

You need to dial *17149# for subscription of these plans. You will also have 20 GB of data which can only be used for learning purpose. You can use it for applications like ZOOM, Google service and Teams while purchasing any of these plans. Isn’t it a great deal to learn smoothly with plenty of data for 30 days. So, what are waiting for get the plan and enjoy learning. 

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