NCELL has always been taking care the choices of its customers bringing out the various beneficial packages as per the public needs time to time. Due to such adorable step NCELL is considered as one of the best telecommunication service of Nepal.

Its users are growing rapidly day by day mainly through its ideas of longer conversation at a low cost. Understanding the present critical situation NCELL has offered a new package named as Endless Kurakani + package.

 You will have choices of three versions of this package which includes 7 days, 15 days and 30 days where the minutes are given to you on daily basis. The Packages are as Follows:-

  1. The cost of 7 days’ package including the TAX costs RS. 95.77 which provides 100 minutes each days and will last up to 7 days providing 700 minutes in total.
  2. The cost of 15 days’ package including TAX costs RS. 191.54 which provides 125 minutes each day and will last up to 15 days providing 1875 minutes in total.
  3. The cost of 30 days’ package including TAX costs RS. 381.71 which provides 150 minutes each day and will last up to 30 days providing 4500 minutes in total.


S.N.Ncell Endless Kurakani offer Voice packageVoice minutes per dayTotal Voice minutesVoice call rate per minute
17 days at Rs 95.77100 minutes700 minutes13 paisa
215 days at Rs 191.54125 minutes1875 minutes10 paisa
330 days at Rs 381.79150 minutes4500 minutes8 paisa


To subscribe to the Ncell Endless Kurakani offer (high voice minutes package), you need to(steps) :-

All you need to do in order to activate this package is dial *17118*7# and choose the pack which you want to purchase.

You also have an alternative option which is said as SMS activation. Just type codes (75 for 7 days, 150 for 15 days and 299 for 30 days) and send it to 17118.

To check the remaining minutes left of the respective day dial *901# and you will receive a message which will show the details. This package is valid only through one NCELL network to another and if you are still using the package after the daily minutes are finished you will be charged for RS. 1.99 per minute without taxes.

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