Nepal Press Union Website Got Hacked By Indian Cyber troops


It’s not even been a week when the Indian cyber troops hacked Women’s Awareness and Development (CWAD) website demanding justice for Nirmala panta. Probably due to irresponsible behavior of the respective system and judiciary they repeated the same action but this time the targeted site has been change from Women’s Awareness and Development to Nepal press union. The Nepal Press Union Website got Hacked by Indian Cyber troops with a demand of justice for Nirmala panta.

They have kept a photo of Nirmala panta and have wrote 750+ days and still Nepal government is silent. We want justice for Nirmala panta.

Stating a bit about Nirmala Panta; She is a 13-year-old girl from Kanchanpur who was found raped and murdered in a sugarcane field near her home on 27 July 2018, after she had gone missing the day before. Despite of this incident getting viral through various campaigns yet the rapist isn’t inside the bars.


To be frank it may sound bad initially but we need to understand that it’s all for the betterment and attention of the respective responsible people who hold the power of judiciary and we expect this action could make at least a slight impact to those people. After all, 750+ days without justice of the cruel rape and murder defines a shameless judiciary overall.

But now they are claiming that on request of nepali people they did that and they are assuring that they do not have any problem with nepali citizens but with government.

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