Nepal Telecom Brings Large Data Package


 As Nepal telecom is one of the leading telecommunication service, it keeps on sustaining its legacy by bringing up various package and offers targeting the huge mass of its customers. So, what next exciting has Nepal telecom to offer you with the name of large data package?

Hold on! We are explaining well. With the intention of approaching the heavy users Nepal telecom has decided to offer 30 GB of data pack with the validity of 60 days only at RS. 1600. If you want a long term usage with the same data package then the company still has a great deal for you. They are giving you 60 GB of data package which will last for 120 days and only costs RS. 3000.

  • 30 GB data pack costs Rs 1600 valid for 60 days, which makes per MB tariff of 5.3 paise.
  • 60 GB data pack costs Rs 3000 valid for 120 days, makes the per MB data tariff of 5 paise.

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 So, if you are a mobile data user then purchasing this package will lead to a smooth internet connection without any cuts and also you do need to worry and check data volume every time and again. So start up right now and enjoy this great offering by dialing *1415# and follow the instructions for the subscription.

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