Nepal Telecom Provides Exciting Day Packages

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Nepal telecom had always been one of the finest telecommunication service of Nepal. Its reliability has met a vivid crowd to praise it over and again.

It also brings out many packages in order to sustain in between the competition. Understanding the need of customers, it had been bringing up various varieties of packages time to time. Now, they have brought exciting day packages which ensures your good communication throughout the day.

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Day Voice Pack : Nepal Telecom Provides Exciting Day Packages

  If you seek a good Data package under your budget, then they have something really great to offer you.

  1. 80 MB of data from 6 AM to 6 PM only on RS. 10 is really a great deal after all.
  2. Only RS.18 for 250 MB of data which will last from 6 AM to 6 PM sound great too.

Looking over the voice packages?

  1. At RS. 12 you will be getting 120 minutes lasting from 5 AM to 5PM. Seeking for something more than that?
  2. You need to pay only RS. 15 for the unlimited minutes which will last from 5AM to 5 PM.

 If you need SMS package they are offering 20 SMS at RS. 5 which will last for a day. Isn’t it a great choice to consider?

For the subscription of these packages you need to dial *1415# and follow the instruction to get the package you need.