OnePlus 8T Leaks Seen So Far


If you are an OnePlus fan, then you have probably been waiting for its “T” model to come. As seen earlier “T” models have always proved to be the most garnished form of the entire series and the previous year launched OnePlus 7t resembles it very well. The same tradition is expected to be followed with OnePlus 8T of the 8 series.

But wait!  After looking over the latest rumors from the official Android Central we can’t expect a massive improvement at all. It is not going to be something far away than the freshly released OnePlus 8 pro which may disappoint your thoughts if you were assuming a huge change.

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Yet it will be one of the best flagship device we will see in 2020 as per the specs the smartphone is providing. OnePlus 8T is expected to be launched with a 120Hz OLED panel, 8GB of RAM along with 128GB of storage. We have been seeing four cameras where the main camera will be of 48 Mega pixels, wide-angle lens of 16 Mega pixels with 5 mega pixels of macro lens and a 2 mega pixels of depth sensor with the single punch hole camera on the front facing side.

The screen size is going to be something that will distinguish it with its pro version. The device is assumed to be of 6.55 inches with one of the powerful chipset if the year; Snapdragon 865+ and the smartphone is assumed to be on android 11 beta.

This particular smartphone OnePlus 8T is planned to be released on October if everything goes fine. Though it resembles a lot to OnePlus 8 pro; the price point at which it will release will gives a perfect buying guide. So, if you are craving for the OnePlus 8 series wait a while for OnePlus 8T and then make a purchase decision.

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