Oracle In The Race To Get TIKTOK on US


Oracle has reportedly been showing out its interest towards purchasing the TIKTOK app which had been gone through out various controversies lately in US. We can now clearly see the competition raised ahead of Microsoft after the announcement of the Oracle to Get onto grabbing TIKTOK on US through The Financial Times.

Oracle is not only seeking to acquire the entire business in US but has also stated to acquire and control the app on Australia, Canada as well as New Zealand. As we all know president Donald trump has already given 90 days for Byte dance to sell the app on US.

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It was almost sure as per the rumors and leaks that Microsoft is going to take its control onto their hands but after the Oracle interest towards TIKTOK and also if we look on Wall Street Journal even twitter is on the way thinking about the purchase of TIKTOK which at the end can’t give enough clarity right now for the ultimate owner of the TIKTOK at US.

Still TIKTOK has not clarified the market price for the Ownership of the application at certain countries that could be the main reason for not finding any serious deals yet. But after the huge competition of Microsoft, Oracle and Twitter we can have a slight assumption that TIKTOK is not getting out of the US but the perfect suitor for TIKTOK according to the white house is still a mystery which could be revealed very soon.

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