Pandemic shuts Down the Online Food Service : QuikrFood | Biratnagar

Quikr food

After the rise of Covid-19 cases at BIRATNAGAR many individuals as well as companies had initiated to stop their service until the cases are at control. As we all know corona virus has scattered business and services since very long. But still there were various companies which were serving their respective customers even at the lock down with proper mask, sanitizer and safety. But at this period of time when the virus has spread on the community basis many of them have decided to have a break until the further notice.

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QuikrFood Closed until Further Notice.

QUIKRFOOD; one of an emerging online food delivery company of BIRATNAGAR has stated to close operations and services due to the pandemic. As per them with the intention of safe guarding their staff as well as customers from the corona virus which has already started to spread in community level they decided to take this step.

But still they claimed about how importance had people given to them during the previous lock down days reflects the need and their demand to the people. So, they will be resuming their services soon after the complete planning regarding the safe food delivery at BIRATNAGAR.

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