PUBG Targeted to get Banned in India?

PUBG Targeted to get Banned in India?

As we all know, Indian government had previously banned 59 Chinese apps showing out the reason of security issue. The government had repeated the action again.


The Indian government had now banned 47 Chinese applications which were alike or clones of those 59 application which was banned previously about a month ago. The running android and IOS had already taken out these apps from India through their play store and app store respectively.

This game is not over yet. As per the Indian government they have sketched out a list of 275 applications and are examining if they are violating the national security and user privacy. 

There is a high probability for PUBG Mobile to get targeted in the list as it is highly considered with data security concerns. Till now the government had already issued out strict action toward the list of 275 apps sketched and started scanning if they are secure enough or not. They had also already warned to file the case if the banned applications got entered into the India through VPN or anything like that.

Pubg| PUBG Targeted to get Banned in India?

PUBG Mobile had always been at the center of eye due to its additive nature and psychological impacts. It has been facing various criticism since very long but time and again but it had been assuring to improve itself through various feedback’s it could catch to. But, despite of every attempt it had always been tangled onto the rope of security.

Hence, as per the scenario we have seen about the seriousness of Indian government towards nations security we can conclude that PUBG Mobile may be banned very soon as it is somewhere related with the Chinese system.

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