Public Facing – Ncell Auto subscription issue

Public facing Ncell auto Subscription Issue


NCELL is one of the rising telecommunication company of Nepal. It had been caring its customers offering various voice, SMS and data packs with the demand of time. Besides, it had also tied the partnership with many online platforms like KHALTI, UNIPAY and PRABHUPAY so that the users can easily access to the data and voice packages.

Despite of all these vivid amazing offerings of NCELL the customers still switch to the alternate telecommunication service. The main reason behind it is the AUTO SUBSCRIPTION ISSUE about which the users keep on complaining time and again.

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Simply understanding about this term, NCELL auto subscription issue is the automatic activation of packages which results into the balance deduction without the user’s intention and creates panic and dis-satisfaction on the user experience.

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As per NCELL, Generally, in the rush of buying the data pack most of the users do not read the terms and conditions regarding the package and just click allow or agree which as a result activate the packages and users assume them being cheated.

This scenario is completely a part of headache to the people who are digitally illiterate and try to access the facilities. At this point of time when the country is facing lock down more number of people try to reach these offers and many of them who get affected by this ISSUE blame the company for their carelessness towards management services.


                 If you are fed up with the NCELL behavior of eating out your balance. Unsubscribing the balance is not a big deal. Here are the steps which will end up deactivating the SUBSCRIBTION:

  • Go to message box of your device.
  • Type STOP.
  • Now send this to 7724.
  •  This will now deactivate all of your digital subscriptions.

Concluding the entire thing, even NCELL was not happy with all this circumstances and frequent complaints. They promise to fix the ISSUE OF AUTO SUBSCRIPTION very soon. According to them they will be quickly addressing this deeply so that user could again activate the services with full determination clearing the image of company’s bad reputation.

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