Quikrfood Celebrates First Anniversary Offering Great Giveaways and offers

Quikrfood Celebrates First Anniversary Offering Great Giveaways and offers

The lifestyle we are adapting these days has extremely rolled out with the Busy schedules. No doubt online food delivery at our doorstep has managed to quench the thirst for our cravings. One of the emerging Online food delivery company of Biratnagar is Quikrfood. With a very stable app, friendly members, and a flexible choice; QuikrFood has been proving its dedication since its inauguration.

It’s a matter of pride to state that this startup tackling various challenges has made out successful way into its first anniversary Offering Great Giveaways and offers.

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Stating a bit about QuikrFood; it is an Online food delivery company of biratnagar which initiated its operations on 26th September, 2019 with a handful of only 10 enthusiastic employees. They desired and tried their best for their name & logo to be simple, bold and memorable as the service they provide. Having had a new concept of delivering food online in Biratnagar, was definitely a challenging process mostly because people here were not much familiar with this term. But as it is said, risk is one of the most important factors while starting a business, and they had strong will power to take that risk which is really an appreciating one.


The whole idea behind this concept of Quikrfood was to primarily ease the lifestyle of people living in Biratnagar with gradually creating employment opportunities and boosting the young human power of the city according to them. But it is not simple as we are assuming right now. The ups and downs they faced was on the next level.

In the initial phase of their journey, they were able to convince only 5 restaurants to partner up with them mostly because it was new concept to introduce in ahead of Restaurants in biratnagar. Following that, it was essential for them to establish trust between the restaurants and their delivery partners. They trained their delivery partners in a way where trust was positively gained which was great achievement. Their journey initially was filled with different kinds of hurdles, but none of them stopped from doing their job and doing it in right way giving the best.

With time and positivity, after only two months due their huge dedication Quikrfood successfully tied up with 15 restaurants as their partners. Sooner they became beneficial for the restaurants in terms of increasing their reach, and after all everything became possible and easy due to the extremely efficient employees who didn’t stepped back.

Just after a while of jumping into market they knew that a business could only function as expected if their marketing is done well and if the correct audience is targeted at this period of time where technology has wrapped out a vivid mass. So, Quikrfood went on the thought to promote the company on social media as a Food Network, by following simple strategies of always being there for the customers with strong and relatable content. For interactions & conversations they primarily used Facebook & Instagram to reach more people and they were insanely quick to respond and hear their valued customers.

Their step was not only limited towards online marketing. They were really quick to approach offline marketing with some of the great strategies.

  • Quikrfood was one of the actively participating sponsor of Birat Music Festival in October, 2019.

• The stall setup at Central Mall on New Year’s Eve, 2019 by Quikrfood was inviting across 3000 entries.

•They set up a stall at Birat Expo in February, 2020 where they even offered giveaways for the visitors.

Their feet’s were reaching quick enough as their name. Sooner they gradually managed to have most of the restaurants in the city which means Quikrfood tied up with around 40 plus restaurants as theirs partners. They completed 10,000 orders on 31st January, 2020 and completed 20,000 orders on 31st June, 2020 which was a matter of pride and milestone for the company, achieved by the huge commitment and diligence of team.

The lockdown started on March 23rd, 2020 and that’s when they started delivering groceries online which helped tons of people. They didn’t pause the services for even a day because they valued the customers to provide their comfort even at period of Pandemic and this spirit they behold on them is really a Welcoming one. Their customers have always been on their first priority and they aim to be functional during important occasions whether it is Dashain, Tihar or any other festival. As per them they are, they were and they will always be at your service in your order.

Quikrfood furthermore, marketed themselves by collaborating with influencers, popular hashtags, social media campaigns and promotional videos which gave them a slight lift and now have come up with anniversary giveaways which will last for a week from 11th of September to 17th of September. To participate on giveaways, you just have to order from any of your favorite restaurants. You will have chance to win exciting gift hampers from Hulas foods, Aura safe, Jivan Bikash dairy, truly tasty, vianet communications and foods from Pizfire and Oliz Café. There is also cash back offer and 10% off on all the orders throughout the week.

So far, we need to take it as moment of pride for a startup to achieve over 18 million sales, 25000 plus orders with more than 15000 customers in Just a single year. Quikrfood is really grateful to each and every one who has been a part of their journey and have promised to look forward serve you for many greater years to come.

Insider Geeks family would like to wish a Happy Anniversary to Quikrfood.

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