Quikrfood Celebrates Second Anniversary Offering exciting Giveaways

Quikrfood Celebrates Second Anniversary Offering exiciting Giveaways

The online food delivery market had significantly grown over these years in the context of Nepal too. Due to the busy routine, people don’t even get time to visit nearby restaurants. At that point in time without any doubt, Quikrfood online food delivery service has been the best companion B-Town that delivers yummy goodies at our doorstep on all seven days of the week.

Quikrfood is the most trusted online food delivery service in Biratnagar. With its best-in-class services, they have proven their dedication from its inception. “We are the answer to your yearning for the yummies on all 7 days of the week,” Quikrfood says.  In the city of Biratnagar, they are the modern-day “Vansey”, delivering meals from the restaurant of your choice through an online platform. They provide you with the possibility to eat authentic food from wherever you want inside Biratnagar.

Quikrfood Celebrates Second Anniversary Offering  exciting  Giveaways

Stating a bit about the background of this amazing food delivery company of Biratnagar, it is an online food delivery startup that began its operations on September 26, 2019, with just ten eager employees. They wanted their name and logo to be as straightforward, bold, and distinctive as the service they deliver, and they worked hard to make it happen. Having a new concept of delivering food online in Biratnagar was really a difficult idea to implement, mostly because the locals were unfamiliar with the term. But, as they say, the risk is one of the most crucial aspects to consider when establishing a business, and they had the courage to take that risk, which has now turned out to be a rewarding one.

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Quikrfood successfully tied up with 15+ restaurants as their partners after only two months of hard work and optimism. Soon after, they became beneficial to the restaurants in terms of expanding their reach, and everything became possible and simple as a result of the extremely efficient employees who did not back down.

 Shortly after a while of launching into the market, they noticed that a firm could only work as expected if their marketing is done properly and if the suitable audience is targeted, especially in this day and age when technology has wrapped out a vivid mass. As a result, Quikrfood decided to market the firm on social media as well as in various events as a Food Network, using basic techniques such as constantly providing powerful and relatable content. They mostly used Facebook and Instagram to reach more people for interactions and dialogues, and they were extremely quick to reply and hear their loyal consumers.

To this date, Quikrfood has tied up with 45+ restaurants and bakeries with 1 lakh + orders all over B-town. The company has successfully participated in many occasion and events and reached a lot more people than anyone have ever thought due to its best in class services.

Quikrfood is celebrating its second anniversary on the 11th of  September,2021 but they begin to shower the love for their valuable customer with an exciting event which they named as “2nd Anniversary Carnival 2021”. The event will run from September 4- 18, 2021.

On the occasion of its second anniversary, Quikrfood is providing these exciting giveaways and offers:

  1. A strong 30 MBPS internet package connection of vianet communication to a lucky customer who wins this Mega Giveaway
  2. Free food for a year to a lucky customer from Quikrfood.
  1. A full-color cartoon of delicious wine by the Divine Wine.
  1. Luscious Ice cream Hamper from Jeevan Bikash.
  1. A Hulas Foods Gift Hamper will be given to another lucky winner.
  1. Aura Safe Gift Hamper will be given by Quikrfood to another lucky winner.
  1. A delicious gift hampers from Truly tasty to another lucky winner.
  1. A free khalti coupon to a lucky winner will be given from Quikrfood.

So in order to be the lucky ones to win these giveaways be quick to like the video below:

Don’t forget to mention 5  friends in the comments, and share the video publicly on your Facebook profile with #Quikrfood #SecondAniversary #MegaGiveaway.Also, Like and Follow the Quikrfood page on Facebook.

Quikrfood will be announcing the giveaway winners on September 20, 2021, through its Facebook and Instagram accounts. Be sure to follow them on those platforms. What are you waiting for? Don’t miss this out and try your luck who knows you may be the lucky ones to win the giveaways. 

            “Insider Geeks family would like to wish a Happy Anniversary to Quikrfood”

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