QuikrFood | Online Food Delivery Service in Biratnagar

QuikrFood |Online Food Delivery Service in Biratnagar

 Are you a foodie who is tired of taking steps to get rid of your cravings? Is the busy schedule being a reason for quenching the thirst of food?  Is just recalling the distance of restaurant you want to visit is kicking out hunger?  No, worries at all you have now got an ultimate solution in your hand.  Just install an application in your smartphone called “QUIKRFOOD” and you are all done.

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Stating a little bit about Quikrfood, it is an online food delivery company that delivers the food of your choice from your favorite restaurant and fresh groceries to you as quickly as possible within the entire BIRATNAGAR area.

With an enthusiastic team of about 30 employees, they take the duty to satisfy your hunger only with the delivery charge of RS. 30.  Just wait for a second, they claim zero delivery charge if your order exceeds RS. 1000. Isn’t this amazing news for all the foodies like us? The best part among all of them is their freedom which gives you authority to order as much as you want. No maximum limits at all.

Now, you can even throw the party whenever you wish and no matter how busy your schedule you have. The food will be at your doorstep whenever you need it. You will also be receiving discount codes from the various restaurants and they are even planning to bring out the reward points to the frequent users.

Collaborating with top restaurants like Hashtag, Laziz pizza, olive, Trendz, rangos, pizzfire, and more than 40 bakeries and restaurants they will always be ready to hear your hunger and serve you from 10 AM to 8 PM.  In case of any queries, feedback, or complaints you can contact them through their Facebook page or even feel free to call them at 9817350040/9817350041. With the huge interest and privacy, they will be quick to respond to you.

QuikrFood | Online Food Delivery Service in Biratnagar

 It’s a welcome step to start up this sort of service which will gather our interest for the new dishes. Desiring to praise the efforts and ideas? what are you waiting for? Let’s appreciate and encourage the initiation by downloading the QUIKRFOODapplication. If you are having difficulties to access the app do kindly message them on the Facebook page or call on the contact number given above. After all; Why to love your hunger and starve when the food will be delivered at your door?

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