Remove these android Apps Right now

Remove these android Apps Right now

It’s not a new thing for android users to tackle with the new wave of malware. We don’t mean iOS users do never face such sort of problem but to talk with the facts & figures comparatively Andriod faces these waves more than that of the Ios.

A new study cybersecurity firm has confirmed that there are 9 such apps that were found to be mixed with a dangerous virus named trojan virus. So, we suggest you Remove these android Apps Right now from your smartphone as some of these apps have already been downloaded 5 million times.

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Here is the List of apps you should Remove Right Now

  1. Processing Photo
  2. App Lock Keep
  3. Rubbish Cleaner
  4. Horoscope Daily
  5. Horoscope Pi
  6. App Lock Manager
  7. Lockit Master
  8. Inwell Fitness
  9. PIP Photo

The report further claims that the virus is programmed in the way that they make out settings for stealing logins and passwords of the Facebook accounts & taking them towards various phishing sites. If you had already installed them, then do reset your Facebook password asap.