Samsung Galaxy S20 FE| Budget flagship?


This year flagship via Samsung; Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and S20 Ultra is packed with the latest, greatest tech which we always wanted to in smartphone but at the same time they also come under the expensive range which was not accessible to many of their fans. Then they have now come up with Galaxy S20 FE which stands for “fan edition” wrapped aiming to offer much of what you’ll find in the company’s flagship device but with slight twist of a budget flagship range so that every Samsung fan could grab it.

If we even look over the price cut, the key specifications of the device are not changed if we give an overall sight. There’s a 6.5-inches of super AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate which has been a compulsory spec for smooth scrolling in 2020. Powered up with Snapdragon 865 processor for the 5G models yet there’s presence of Exynos 990 chip in the 4G models which makes much similar to Note 20 Ultra and S20 Ultra.

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Towards the camera setup there is a triple camera placing on the back. The camera is excellent one though can be a bit disappointing if we check out its superior versions mainly because of the lower resolutions and lack of high-end features like the 100x space zoom (30x zoom is offered, but it relies heavily on digital zoom) or 8K video recording, neither of which we think you’ll miss. It still offers things like 3x optical zoom, optical image stabilization, night mode photos and the “single take” feature which captures multiple versions of the same shot when you hit the shutter button (zoomed in, zoomed out, a video, a GIF, different filters) allowing you to decide which to share afterwards.

If we check out physically Samsung Galaxy S20 FE looks much the same as the rest of the Samsung S20 series. Corning with the Gorilla Glass 5 rather than Gorilla Glass 6 which was seen on Samsung galaxy Note 20 gathers a bit of difference. The back is made from a toughened, matte plastic rather than shiny glass which stills creates and appealing feel. The device yet has IP68 waterproofing along with an in-screen fingerprint scanner which was also in Samsung previous offering of 2020.

 You will have choice of wider range of snazzy colors, including a vibrant red, a lavender purple, navy blue, mint green and orange which allows you to have a very clear buying guide. Samsung galaxy S20 FE is available for preorder globally from Wednesday, with in-store sales starting on Oct 2 and we hope this smartphone will be launched at Nepali Market very soon.