Sasto Deal Tied Up With Flipkart


Most of us have probably been filtering our bucket list with the alternatives that are easily available at Nepali market. From the accessories we need in daily basis to the most lovable things we have been craving a lot about we somewhere got habituated to compromise a bit due to lack of accessibility at Nepali market. Now, Sasto Deal has come up with the solution for filling the thirst of our shopping. Sasto Deal Has Tied Up with Flipkart so that we can easily access 5000+ products which are not easily available at Nepali market.

As we all know Flipkart is the leading online shopping site of India. It’s easy approach to tons of product take it a step forward with huge attention. With more than Some of the products which are not even available at your local vendors are accessible at Flipkart and to be frank it’s the thing that drags majority of attention towards them.

Stating a bit about Sasto Deal it’s a Nepalese startup who allows you for the online shopping through their Facebook page as well as website at a very reasonable price point. After their huge mass of user, they have tied up with the leading online shopping site of India and claim to deliver to you in between 21 days after you place the order. You simply need to add the item you are interested in cart and check out to buy from them.

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