Smartphone Radiation- How it is effecting our health?


 The rise of smartphones across the world had covered more than 3 billion users with 2.56 million applications in google play store and 1.85 million applications in Apple app store. Its adaptation had made huge impact towards day to day life. As per the survey it is shown that about 61.51% of the entire population had been using the smartphones.

It had established its impact as an integral part in society and many other walks of life. They have changed the way of education, business, health and social life drastically. It had proved itself as a pocket sized pc with limitless potential. But you will be surprised to know that the smartphones you are holding are concerned with a non-ionizing radiation known as radio frequency energy which will result into tissue heating, cancer and various serious health issues.


The antennas contained in smartphones emits a radio frequency radiation like that of microwave which convert energy into heat and are absorbed by parts of head or body close to antennas to spread the radiation and this entire procedure comes under smartphones radiation. World health organization (WHO) had established an international project in the year 1996 for looking forward to scientific evidence towards health issue regarding the factor of EMF between the frequency of 0 to 300 GHz. 

As per their research they stated that the research conducted towards the exposures to many parts of the frequency spectrum indicates that until the frequency ranges from 0-300 GHz they would not produce any adverse effects. But as per the research done in the year 2011 by the international agency for research on cancer it is shown that the radiations are carcinogenic which meant there are some risk. And later WHO again did additional research and ended with the fact smartphones poses a potential health risk.


 SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate and is defined as measurement of rate of Radio Frequency (RF) energy absorbed by body from the source being measured to ensure the safety guidelines set by Federal Communication Commission (FCC). It can also be stated as the quantity of electromagnetic energy that is established in the body during the use of a cordless device such as smartphones. There exist a huge false assumption of people regarding that the use of smartphones with lower reported SAR value will decrease the user’s exposure towards radio frequency radiation or considered to be safer. But the truth is SAR value isn’t capable to provide sufficient information regarding the radio frequency emitted on the smartphones. Rather they are only there to ensure the cell phones doesn’t exceed permissible levels set by the FCC.  


Most of the studies investigated the effect of smartphones radiation on DNA and the animals which shows that they communicate with base stations and if radio frequency gets high it causes thermal effect which results into raised temperature of body which can also cause health problems like headaches and brain tumors. Besides the prolonged use of smartphones will cause insomnia, tiredness and result with the various problems like lack of concentration.

It can even be associated with the several brain dysfunctions due to the relationship between the electromagnetic radiation as well as hindrance on the neuronal cells. The radiation can enhance adaptation of the habit of short term memory mainly to the kids. We can now understand that the radiation is effecting the developing and neuronal cells.


  You might have heard a lot about these smartphones before but were not aware with the facts of their radiations. Here is the list of top 6 smartphones which emits high level of radiation which are even beyond the criteria set up by FCC.

  1. Xiaomi mi A1- It has SAR value of 1.74 watts per kg.
  2. OnePlus 5t – It comes with SAR value of 1.68 watts per kg.
  3. MI max 3 – It has SAR value of 1.58 watts per kg.
  4. OnePlus 6t-  It comes along the SAR value of 1.55 watts per kg.
  5. IPhone 7 –  It has the SAR value of 1.38 watts per kg.
  6. OnePlus 5 – Its SAR value is found to be 1.39 watts per kg.


 We hold smartphones most of the times to maintain the communication with the world. But while holding smartphones near our head or body more than 50% of radio frequency energy is absorbed which forms a radiation and increase the risk of various health problems. we have been so addicted to it that we can’t throw them away from our pockets but still we have some safety standards to terminate their risk.

  • Maintain the distance of at least 10 mm from the smartphones which will not let the radiation to emit.
  • Try to text more rather than calls which will make you hold the phones on your hands which creates a certain distance.
  • Use speaker mode or headsets during answering your calls so that there is a distance between your body and smartphone.
  • Quickly remove headsets after you end the call as even headsets produce some amount of radiations.
  • Try making calls as shorter as you can which won’t give more time for the frequency to capture you.
  •  Limit the usage time of kids because child body consists of various developing cells.
  •  Switch the sides during long calls to reduce exposure.
  • Don’t place your phones on pockets or bra since they emit radiation even when are not in the use.
  • Stop to use when you have poor signal and low battery because during these scenarios smartphones increase transmitting power.
  • Do not sleep keeping smartphone aside you because that frequency may result you to various health problems.
  • Switch off your smartphone or keep it in the flight mode when it is not in use to stop radiations.


           These days our smartphone had become the reflection of our identity, taste, preferences and interests. We 24*7 are locked under its connectivity not knowing the fact we are holding mini towers in our hands. The least SAR value is limited for 1.6 watts per kg. Many smartphones manufacturers recommend for least of 5mm distance which shows that there would arise less radiation as per the distance maintained.

According to the studies smartphones radiation have bad aspects regarding the health of the user. But still it’s not all to stress about because the limited usage will not have effects but only the long term extensive usage initiates various problems. So, carefully follow the safety guideline/standards if you are a health conscious person.

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