Tech Community Girl Script Started in Nepal


Many of the tech enthusiastic ladies probably know what Girls in Tech is. To explain you shortly it’s a platform which provides girls opportunities for education and unique experiences mostly related to the evolving technology. It has been organizing various programs to encourage ladies towards technology. Girl script is alike them so it’s a good news for Tech Passionate ladies that Tech Community Girl Script has Started in Nepal.

Stating a bit about Girl Script; it is the fastest growing tech-community in India. A non-profit project brought to you by Girl Script Foundation which was established 3 years ago to help beginners in technology which started as a project and has been selected by Mozilla under Open Leadership program out of 51 open-source projects worldwide which defines it as an honorable startup and as per till now it has spread to 5 countries besides India.

They have been dedicated to provide education and skills to a huge number of students. Development, programming and coding are the major topics they show kin interest to. Organizing workshops like Hackathon and summer codes comes under their main focus. To cut a long way short they are eager to teach about codes.

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Niraj bhusal has been selected as the country head of Girl script in Nepal. He assures to everyone one that very soon a girl will be selected as the Assistant country head. As per him, they are even planning to expand throughout the country very soon making an eligible community of interested people from all the states.

They are promising to provide each of the course in two segment which includes both basic and advanced form of courses providing energy for the ladies to learn python, web designing, java script from the very beginning. Niraj bhusal speaks this community is made mainly for girls and we will try our best to reach less males as much as we can. At the end if we See all the offerings and promises they are making its sounds to be great platform for girls to develop their skills.

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