Things To Do With Your New Smartphone


Firstly, we would like to congratulate you on buying a new smartphone. So what are you supposed to do next? Of course, protect your phone from malware and get rid of all the junk which are getting ready to jump into your new device.

Despite you should also think of securing files you want to allocate in your phone. What other things are you supposed to do? Dying out of curiosity and confusions? Don’t worry we are here to recommend Things to do with your new smartphone.

Things To Do With Your New Smartphone

1. Activate the device

Things To Do With Your New Smartphone

Okay, now you are the owner of a new smartphone its activation is your responsibility.  Activate your smartphone firstly by charging it properly. After that follow the activation instruction that came with your new phone.


2.Secure the privacy

Things To Do With Your New Smartphone

Put the lock screen password, pin or your fingerprint sensor so that wrong person cannot access your data. Also be sure to secure the hardware of your brand new device by putting temper glass and strong case/cover.

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3.Download necessary applications

Things To Do With Your New Smartphone

How can your smartphone be great without installing desirable necessary applications? So, make sure to start your amazing experience of using the new smartphone by downloading the application from the play store or app store and have endless fun. Be sure to install the apps you preferred the most with games, daily tasks, and much more.

4. Monitor data and battery usage

As per paper specification, the company claim hours of battery life but its efficiency differs in many sets. So you need to check out how long will the battery of your device sustain for future reference. The same thing applies to data usage too. If you are a mobile data user then this thing will irritate you with a lot of data loss. So, don’t forget to do the background data restriction.

5. Disable bloatware

Things To Do With Your New Smartphone

Bloatware is simply the pre-installed apps you get on the new smartphone. These application takes the space and even slowdowns your phones after a certain interval. You need to ditch these application for smooth usage.

We have tried our best to list most of the prior things you need to do with your new smartphone.  Besides these to you must have done various kinds of stuff just after unboxing your new device.  Do comment down below the things you have done and feel free to share your experience.

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