Things To Know Before Starting Photography


Thinking to Jump into Photography? – Consider these first!

Are you planning to jump into the world of Photography? – Then my friend, you are at the right place. Here, I am gonna present to you some major Things To Know Before Starting Photography. And of course, these might turn out to be game-changer in your Photography career.

I wish – someone had told me earlier about these! Nevertheless, you are about to witness the two most important and major things to consider and know before diving into it.  Photography is nothing but an art of using light to bring up your imagination into visuals, photographs.

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Things To Know Before Starting Photography

1. Know your motive

Things To Know Before Starting Photography

The first thing, you should keep it in yourself is – Why do you want to join Photography? Just because you want to take pictures and upload it into instagram and starve for likes – If this is so, I strongly recommend you not to.

Photography is one of the most highly paid professions in the world and this profession demands creativity, patience, perfection, and a lot more. To identify your motive and decide, what would you do after getting into it? Is it Bird Photography? Or is it Wildlife Photography? Or is it Landscape? There are lots and lots of fields you can choose from. Knowing your motive, at first, won’t distract you from it and helps you concentrate more on it.

Things To Know Before Starting Photography

If you are not sure about this, take your time, capture everything you find on your camera, and explore your motive. Don’t mistake this one – You are never bounded only to your motive, the instinct of creativity is limitless.

2. Get Yourself Equipped

Things To Know Before Starting Photography

With photography, there come different types of equipment, Tripods, Lens, Storage Cards, Lens Filters, Lights, Bags, Straps, Batteries, Editing Softwares and the most important one, that’s the camerahow can anyone just forget the camera?

The camera, it’s the most powerful tool for your career in Photography, which must be considered at its best before having one. DSLRs are more popular nowadays, and you must have one of them. Coming into DSLRs, two variants of DSLRs are widely spread over the market – Mirrored, and Mirrorless, mirrorless is more recommended. And you must have done plenty of researches regarding the camera you buy.

Things To Know Before Starting Photography

After the camera, lenses should be given more priority. Lenses are more important than your camera body and it’s better to afford one premium quality lens than buying different cheap lenses. And all other equipment help boosting your photography to the very next level.

These were the most important elements every beginner-level photographer or starter must understand at the very beginning. If you consider these 2 things before diving into photography, you don’t have to regret it at all.

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