TIKTOK Masterplan To Make Way to India


As we all know, the craze of TIKTOK at India is beyond limitations and had collected across 200 millions of users but everything scattered after PM. Modi declared to ban the app showing some national security threat issues. Even TIKTOK stated a heavy loss after this step. The chain continued then. After India; US took the same step and the app lost many users. But now, getting back is the most for the TIKTOK to sustain with the same fan base. So, TIKTOK offered a great deal to JIO which is a brand of Reliance; one of the top industry of India.

As per the leaks which are crawling the walls of internet very quickly the reliance team and the byte dance company which owns TIKTOK have been talking frequently from about a month. According to reports and early discussions it seems like Byte dance is offering a great deal to reliance regarding purchase of TIKTOK.

India was the second country after china leading at the TIKTOK platform with enormous mass engaged in it but a bit earlier even Microsoft claimed to own the app but sooner Donald trump signed to ban TIKTOK giving 45 days’ duration to Microsoft. Same goes with the India, the country had already banned the app and as per the graph we can see the alternative apps are shining in Indian market.

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There is not any official news yet. But if reliance buys TIKTOK then it is surely getting back to India probably because the entire data will be store at the native country. As per our perspective even PM. Modi won’t decline the proposal as there will not be any issue of national security threat case. Let’s see who jumps on the ground to own TIKTOK Microsoft or Reliance.

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