TIKTOK Sues US Government Regarding Ban


The Chinese application TIKTOK has been running throughout some controversy in US. After Donald trump decision to ban TIKTOK app on august 6; the company then has to face a heavy loss. Time and again Oracle, Microsoft and even twitter were claiming to grab the ownership at US. All of the sudden this particular Chinese app TIKTOK Sues US government regarding ban of the app.

As per words we have heard till now the TIKTOK states about the countless voice they have raised to American government to hear them once. Probably due America and china war running right now president trump took emergency economic powers according to them which really is alike humiliation of rights for them.

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They are very strict and serious with this case as they have already said “We do not take suing the government lightly; however, we feel we have no choice but to take action to protect our rights, and the rights of our community and employees,” in their suit. They have also been pouring out data of employees from US who have been giving their best to improve the platform. Right now if we see their data around 1500 employees are attached with the app and in future if the ban is closed there could be more than 10,000 job opportunities.

Nothing can be finalized right now but it’s okay to wait for the American government clear statement about this entire issue as up to now we have only heard from TIKTOK.

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