YOUTUBE is the most popular video streaming platform with more than 2 billion of monthly viewers. There are tons of content over there which will keep you engage with the amazing topic of your interest. It has made a huge growth collecting vivid crowd in Nepal in less than a decade. With the brilliant contents many people had become successful VLOGGERS in a short period of time. Here we present you top 10 VLOGGER of Nepal 2020.(according to Subscriber)

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Sagar Gurung | iamsega

With the uploads of 162 videos, he has collected 1.14M subscribers under the channel name IMSEGA. He mostly posts reaction videos, cover songs, challenge videos, travel vlogs and the videos showing his lifestyles. He tries to push out as many people as he can in his videos which makes the videos funny than others. He is always emerging to bring out the new ideas and imaginations throughout his videos. His amazing contents are enjoyed by a huge crowd so he is the Top VLOGGER of Nepal right now. He joined his YouTube journey on 6 January 2016.


Ming Sherpa | Ming Sherpa

 With the uploads of 42 videos, he has collected 681K subscribers in the YOUTUBE channel named MING SHERAP. With the original sketch of comedy based parody with the humor his videos have targeted huge numbers of audience. He is one of the fastest growing YOUTUBER of Nepal and had started his YouTube journey from 2 September 2016.


Neeraz Shrestha | Nepali Prank Minister

With the uploads of 219 videos, he has collected 634k subscribers under the channel name NEPALI PRANK MINISTER making videos mostly related with pranks which are very entertaining one. Though it is not the first YouTube channel regarding the prank idea but has been successful to make a strong fan base at a short period of time. With his admiring presentation he had made people laugh though his pranks. He always comes with new ideas to enhance the creativity of content. He joined his YouTube journey from 23 may 2017.


James Shrestha

         With the uploads of 176 videos, he has collected 622k subscribers. He mostly posts his vlogs, comedy sketches, pranks, reaction and games videos. Besides YouTube he is also popular in Instagram and has over 120k followers. He has been an active YOUTUBER since long. He first made the YouTube video in April 2015 but then he didn’t make any videos for about 2 years after that onward. He again started to make videos from 2017 and had continued the same energy till now.


Chetan karki

With the uploads of 458 videos, he has collected 506k subscribers in the YOUTUBE channel named CHETANVLOGS. Mostly he posts about music as he is a music director by profession but besides that he even posts vlogs as well as covers songs with his daughter and is powerfully impacting on YouTube.  He is really one of the good vlogger of Nepal and a fantastic music director who current works at orange studio. He started YouTube journey on 5 June 2010.


         With the uploads of 38 videos, he has collected 488k subscribers in the channel named SABIN KARKI -BEEST. Popularly known as BEEST he is a 25 years old YOUTUBER from Nepal who makes videos regarding dance, comedy and music. His original short funny skits and random videos had made everyone to admire him. He has a different fan base with the moves of dance. Also known for his brilliant dancing, acting, choreography and filmmaking skills he is one of the fast growing YOUTUBER of Nepal. He joined you tube journey at 5 July 2015.


Alish Rai

With the uploads of 77 videos, he has collected 436k subscribers mainly by making comedy prank videos. He joined YouTube journey in December 4 2017. Being one of the most creative prankster of Nepal he makes entertaining contents in interesting ways which is suitable for all the generations and have gathered huge fan base in the short period of time. His prank is somewhere reflecting with your daily life and becomes relatable to you. If you like prank videos, then check out his YOUTUBE channel once I am sure you won’t regret at all.


Akash Sedai

With the uploads of 215 videos, he has collected 430k subscribers under the channel named NEPALIPRANKSTERS which was established in the year 2013. About his contents they are very entertaining one filled with comedy. As per him initially he faced bitter rejection from the ones he approached but he toughened up himself and followed the vision he saw. Later he met MILANSHRESTHA and NIRANJAN SAPKOTA and with the gang he took a creative leap and has become one of the successful YOUTUBER of Nepal.


With the uploads of 266 videos, he has collected 430k subscribers. He is a fantastic vlogger, photographer, videographer and filmmaker who started the you tube journey on 29 September 2008. Also known as the director of YouTube channel PARADYGM TV which has exciting content with 303k subscribers he is the man with striking personality and exceptional skills. Generally, using the creative ideas of high quality cinematic shots he shows the natural beauty of Nepal. If you want to look over the exciting places to visit and wander in Nepal, you can refer yourself to his vlogs. I am sure you are getting a lot of ideas about your next travel destination after that onwards.


Binaya Timilsina

With the uploads of 161 videos, he has collected 380k subscribers in YouTube. He has been popular among youth because of his roasting skills. With the channel named BIKKI ROASTER heposts roasting videos which are entertaining to mass of audience. Often known as the copy of CARRYMINATI he entered into making YouTube videos after being failed in music industry but right now he is one of the rising YOUTUBER of Nepal. He started his YouTube journey from 3 June 2017.

Wrapping up, these YOUTUBERS make fun and entertaining contents targeting huge audience. So what are you waiting for? Make your boring lockdown days into entertaining one by checking out their channel and make sure to comment below which one you liked the most.

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