Top 7 YouTube Video Ideas for Beginners


YouTube these days has become a content phenomenon with tons of emerging content it has been taking. Nobody would have imagined just how important this video-sharing medium was going to be. Today’s scenario describes very well the potential of YouTube and probably google knew it much earlier and invested $1.65 billion for the service.

If you are thinking to jump into the giant YouTube world but are lacking good content, then you have dragged yourself in a right place. Here we would like to recommend the Top 7 YouTube Video Ideas for Beginners that will help you a lot to pursue your YouTube journey.

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Top 7 YouTube Video Ideas

1) Start A Vlog

Top 7 YouTube Video Ideas for Beginners

Vlogs Seems to popular these days. Though Basing your channel entirely on vlogs won’t work you well in the long run if you do not engage it into some creativity yet starting with a vlog will give your fans something to look back on later, to see how you got your start.

2) A Challenge Video

Top 7 YouTube Video Ideas for Beginners

The curious minds these days look over a lot of challenge video for fun. Something like the Blind Makeup Challenge? Or even Questionnaire videos like “Did you catch it on camera? Did they die?” is going to collect tons of views if the answer to the first two questions are “yes”, and the last is a “no”.

3) Review Something!

Top 7 YouTube Video Ideas for Beginners

The confused choices these days get a clarity with the YouTube preferences. It’s simple just take any product or show or episode or movie or any even any of the popular debate and review it with your perspectives. People like hearing what other people think about things, especially if they’re on the fence about buying or seeing something.

4) Make A Comedy Skit

Top 7 YouTube Video Ideas for Beginners

After all, most of the people are on YouTube for some sorts of entertainment. People on YouTube love to laugh, and if you are ready to come up with new ideas to crack jokes then grab a camera, find out some friends and make something funny happen to end it up with a comedy skit!

5) Make A Reaction Video

Top 7 YouTube Video Ideas for Beginners

If you have a different view onto some event, videos or something like that than open the camera and record your views with some breath- taking reactions. People love to see how you react to the certain things and come over you again and again.

6) Explore A Game In-Depth

Top 7 YouTube Video Ideas for Beginners

These differ from reviews which we elaborated on above and are is popular among the people who have already bought the game or love gaming a lot. There is a huge mass of people who look over the depth gaming videos to understand the game before jumping into it. In the long run, this idea will be helping you a lot.

7) Make a tutorial video

Top 7 YouTube Video Ideas for Beginners

YouTube is giant platform to learn and everyday many people get into it to learn something new. If you make out a good tutorial video regarding something with study, makeup, music or something like that then people will come over and again into your channel which assures a quick growth.

These were our main ideas you can pick out if you want to an engaging content to last long in your YouTube channel. If you have some more ideas, then do comment down below and if you are intending to jump into the vivid world of YouTube then we wish you a good luck.

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