Twitter added new Feature



 Microblogging site Twitter is soon testing its new feature which will encourage users to think about the articles before sharing them. According to the sources as it is an experimental move so initial testing for this feature will be limited to android users who uses the app in English language only and if that gets succeed they will soon bring it to iOS. As per the twitter announcement “sharing an article can spark conversation, so you may want to read it before you tweet it. “They clearly stated that they are not tracking what user do on another site but do only check if you have clicked at article link on twitter before sharing them.

Of course, it could be somehow irritating to many users who used to share article that they had already read outside twitter without reading over the same one on twitter. But the only goal seen in this entire update is to feature out the informed discussion among the user. As twitter and Many other platforms are struggling of misinformation which when passed to users turns into misleading. So, it should be better to call as an appreciative initiation towards healthy conversation.

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