Walmart intends to grab TikTok’s control in US


If we see on today scenario Byte dance on the behalf of TikTok has already sued president trump administration, TikTok CEO has already reigned and even after all this mess still Walmart intends to Grab TikTok control in US.

We can’t deny the fact that TikTok has been become talk of the town mostly due to the hanging controversies it has been Wrapping through itself. If we go on a slight flash back we can see a long stories of Microsoft, oracle and even Twitter trying to take its ownership in US. But now it’s clear that Walmart is running in the same race.

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Walmart may sound unfamiliar to many of us. Let me lightly cover it up. Walmart is an American company which is mainly known for big stores that sell everyday goods, casual clothing, groceries and appliances like TVs. For your general idea image take it as a super market but a giant one because it also acquires Flipkart of India. 

Walmart has announced they are willing to buy TikTok with the collaboration of Microsoft and as per we have heard till now the deal can be cracked at around 35 billion dollars which clearly shows Walmart now seems to be interested to shrunk down the business to Busy virtual screens.

We can’t have any conclusion for the Business and trade running right now regarding the TikTok because at the end all they need to acquire is white house permission to own it in US and after the case filed by TikTok to president trump administration now the entire deal seems to be almost impossible.

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