What is Dark Web?


Internet referred as network of network had been a Part of routine in our everyday life. From dawn to dusk we wrap our self through various ways into the world of internet. It is easily accessible to almost every person who tries to connect through it. Due to which its serving billions of user’s worldwide. It consists of millions of private, public, business and government networks. The quick search engines had been best information retrieval system ever. Its accuracy and reliability had kept it on the center to discuss and learn all new sorts of innovations.  It’s a vivid world comprising of data which are beyond our normal imagination. This fascinating concept also has some threatening features. A part of internet known as dark web beholds the identity of being dark world of internet.


 Simply defining dark web is an online encrypted content of internet which is not indexed in search engines but can be accessed by a specific browser known as “TOR” and many more browsers. In other words, it’s a broad web containing a lot of amateurish contents which do not appear during regular internet browsing. It’s a virtual digital network which provides services without revealing the identities. Often known as dark net it mostly carries private files which are hosted on drop box and its competitors. It had gained a reputation towards illegal activities but still helps people to maintain privacy and freedom for the expression of views.

History Of Dark Web:

  Its history is as old as the history of internet. The first illegal transaction was done in the year 1970s but was not that successful. Also a data have got a placement during 1980s with the promise of storing sensitive information but was banned in the year 2010s.  When internet was made approachable in the year 1991 to public they created Napster in the year 1999 for independent peer to peer file sharing service but were shut down in 2000 against ruining music industry copyrights. In proper way dark web got a rise in the year 2000 with the release of free net. But exchanging money anonymously was still hard at that point of time because most of the transactions were done via cash. Due to which free net could not make a lead in any black market. The most important development of dark web was on the year 2002 when TOR browser was released.

It was created by none other than the US government with the intention of making operatives to remain untraceable. It’s not surprising to say dark web of today would not have been possible without this step. In late 2000s they brought a crypto currency in the form of bitcoin. Via bitcoin and TOR browser dark web went into the next level towards black market. Also Snow den whistle blowing was established in the year 2013 and damaged relationship with foreign and corporate stake holders, restrained budget resources and made US to discontinue collecting intelligence and putting it on risk.  

Dark web established them taking in the era where it was the topic of public concern. It became scarier when it was emerged into the eyes of terrorists and many researches showed dark web towards being used to commit crimes.



The term deep web and dark web overlap significantly but are not the same. Deep web refers to pages of internet which are not indexed on search engines like google. They contain confidential/sensitive data. But with the specific URL and login ID password they can be easily accessible. Dark web is a subset of deep web family which is intentionally hidden and requires a specific browser known as “TOR”. No one knows the size of dark web but its assumed to be of around 5% of the internet where as it is assumed deep web to occupy 91% of the entire internet. Dark web had been market place for various drugs and borderline to legal ones like weeds and fire weapons which are mostly unregistered. Whereas deep web is an ethically neutral one which can be used for both good as well as bad. Concluding their relationship, we can say “Not all deep web is dark web but all dark web is deep web.”


 Dark web had been active towards crimes and attacks damaging the users psychological state.  Some of the underground communities can be source of highly illegal and brain washing material such as pornography which creates the negative impact when gets in contact to the people. As per the various researches dark web had been threat in various sectors. Some of them are enlisted below;

  1. Phishing
  2. Buying and selling fraudulent tax documents
  3. Exposing national security data
  4. Leaking or stealing source code
  5. Selling spoofing templates
  6. Human trafficking
  7. Selling child pornography
  8. Selling customer data
  9. Leaking trade secrets
  10. Other rising threats


In order to connect to dark web, you need a browser. There Are various browser available to enter into the world of dark web among them TOR is better for basic and simplistic browsing. It was initially developed to help safeguard of US Intelligence online communications. But in today’s scenario it has been major access to onion browser which is located in dark web. It is an improved version of Firefox which was made in the intension to allow user to scroll web anonymously. TOR is capable of blocking the user in the attempt of revealing their identity. Besides TOR, subgraph, Firefox, water fox, ISP (Invisible Internet Project), Tails – The Amnesic Incognito Live system, opera, who nix are also some of the browser to enter dark web. But to protect yourself make sure to use VPN so that they could not reach you. You can use Nord VPN because they are excellent and user friendly.


People get fascinated by the vibe on dark net discovery and due to curiosity they try to enroll with it. But although carrying various threats still dark web can be a place for real freedom. For example, you can discuss about anything freely and there are no boundaries to stop you. Enjoy the freedom but at the same time also remember if your trial fails to stay anonymous then they will catch you and charge towards the illegal activities done. Even Saddam Hussein was caught doing this.  

New users to the dark web should know they should be using a secure alias while registering into this network because they are underground service. There have been number of privacy concerns. Your data can easily be leaked at this virtual network. Also computer security comes under the threat if you download the binary files from the untrusted source. It’s often known as magnet for criminal activities so they can they attack you in an unpredictable way. 

It seems in the future making it as a weapon towards the cyber war would not be a big deal at all. Increment of the dark web market would lead making user friendly UI and applications for the easy access and enhanced security. Still if want to go to it right now you can use different password for multiple accounts you have and also don’t reveal the password to any of the sites. But it’s all in your hand to explore and dive down onto the world of digital network because it comprises of abusive powers, worst crimes and much more.

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