When will 5G be Available in Nepal?


5G these days has been a talk of town due to its enormous frequency with new radio technology and a different network architecture to deliver higher bandwidth and lower latency than 4G (LTE) and 3G networks which we are using today. As per now the initial setup of 5G is claimed to roll out on peak data speed 10 Gbps – up to 100 times faster than the 100 Mbps of 4G which is faster than our imagination right now.

There are also a number of smartphones companies who have already started to design the 5G smartphone in each of the price range. Probably, all the flagship of 2020 beholds this capacity if we check out the scenario running right now. Yet there is a giant question tangling on the heads of people who are willing to spend a bit more in the chase of 5G with a futuristic view “When will 5G be Available in Nepal?”

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We are really glad to state the eager waiters that; Nepal Telecom has initiated the procedure of frequency management of 5G which gives us right to make assumption that 5G will be roaming in our hands in a couple of year. They are also checking out the price differences of the various frequency in different geographical regions assuring to provide equality in the price.

Right now they working to balance the frequency as per them. Besides, till now only 6 companies have got permit to assign this task and Nepal telecom is looking forward for the management of entire giant task only within them.

Still the companies are claiming that; the low frequency which are been provided is not enough at all to complete the project because according to them the frequency telecommunication company is providing is somewhere only eligible to run 4G. yet we can expect each of the issues to get disclosed very soon and if the telecommunication is speeding the work we hope 5G will be roaming easily around us at around a couple of year.

If you were planning to add some more fraction of money with the 5G attraction, then as per us hold on right now and wait until the base modulation of this project wraps up.

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